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My first intuition about the product was, ‘This is the toy of the future.” You can feel just how far and how fast games have developed when you see the Nintendo 3DS. We’ve come into an epoch where we can fetch worlds that we can almost touch and feel to life. Seeing the Nintendo 3DS in person tempted a sort of visual shell-shock. Nintendo 3DS is much talk about product which occupy the market news from so long time.

You just need to make little adjustment for playing games in 3DS because up to now you’re practice was in 3D. This one is highly newly technique for playing games. The demand for Nintendo is so large that this will likely to be the most famous gaming console.

It has so many advanced features and functions. Nintendo announced that they had collaborated with TV broadcasters and they will provide 3D videos to the Nintendo 3DS on a trial basis. There would also be need for Dragon Quest IX in order for the Tag Mode feature to be experienced by many. Nintendo knows that the participants of Dragon Quest IX Tag Mode events enjoyed it and after every time its participants increased. It also trying to provide the customers with free Wi – Fi access, so that you can take Nintendo 3DS every time with you. Nintendo actually wants to start the culture of “StreetPass” in the overseas markets. With the help of features like StreetPass & Tag mode users will receive data from other 3DS owners easily. It is such made that it provides a combination to deliver realism of the 3D world. Nintendo try at its best to improve user experience, you can even do pause the game while playing it. The 3DS comes up with multifunctional charge cradle. The 3DS also comes with SD port and 2 GB memory card. You can load software from SD card and also store large data with the help of memory card.

The quality they promised to be given is best and highly developed. The price of the Nintendo 3DS is reasonable and any one can afford it without any difficulty. It will sure make good business at a relatively lower price and occupy the market as well while making profit.

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