New 3DS XL Micro SD Card & Data Transfer (Tutorial)

I apologize for everything appearing so dark near the end. I forgot to turn up the brightness on the screen. Anyways here is the link to the partitioning tool.…
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19 thoughts on “New 3DS XL Micro SD Card & Data Transfer (Tutorial)

  1. 20:40
    Thanks man, just got Monster hunter 4 New 3ds XL and this is my first time
    ever having a 3ds XL so im getting the hang of things xd

  2. Wow, that’s a nice New 3DSXL. I wonder if I should trade in my 3DSXL and
    get the new one? I’m itching to buy something new lol Is the 4gb micro SD
    not enough memory or is it just because you wanted to change it out? Nice
    tutorial. I will definitely refer to this if I decide to buy and upgrade :D

  3. What if afet you did the data transfer and want to upgrade to bigger sd
    card. Can you copy all data from the previous micro sd card to the new one

  4. hi
    i already transfer the data and my file frome old 3rds to new 3ds and now
    i only need to upgrade my micro sdcard from 4g to 32g what should i do do
    it frome my pc ??

  5. This may seem rather off-topic but I just have to ask this.
    Can you send your purchased E-Shop titles that you saved on your Micro-SD
    Card and put them on another Micro-SD Card?

  6. This Video was amazing at explaining everything. I’ve got the MH4u 3DS and
    i was worried about losing data by switching microSD cards, since I’ve got
    about 100 hours on it, but this tutorial gave me some reassurance. Thanks!

  7. I think they instruct you to use the stylus for prying the back panel off.
    That’s to prevent any damage over using anything else (finger/nail, screw

  8. Im gonna trade my xbox one and the kinect and the controller and ill be
    able to get $252 then ima buy a new 3ds xl and thats gonna be $224 with tax
    and then i have a few more dollars and ima buy pokemon omega ruby and the
    only reason im trading my xbox in is because i recently got a gaming pc and
    the xbox one is useless to me

  9. I had to buy a 32GB microSDHC card in Black Friday for my 3DS XL because I
    was anticipating the New 3DS XL’s release and I felt like transferring data
    from an SD Card to a microSD card through wireless or PC transfer might be
    a hassle for me. Glad the transfer was much better than I expected!

  10. Dude, not meaning to burst your bubble here, but when I got my (AWESOME!!!)
    Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL in the mail, I wanted a microSD card with bigger
    storage capacity as well. However, I wanted to make sure the New 3DS XL
    could actually use it, so I looked it up…

    Long story short, on the Nintendo website of Europe it specifically states
    that the 3DS-family CANNOT read SD/microSD cards larger than 32GB! I
    originally meant to buy a 64GB as well, you see…

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