25 thoughts on “Naruto SUN Storm Revolution – PS3/X360 – Second Tsuchikage (Gameplay Teaser)

  1. Lets hope this one is actually WORTH getting.
    Seems all the games past Storm 1 have been shit, in my opinion.
    Let alone all they’ve been doing is making clone copies of characters,
    wasting slots.

  2. Hoping the Fourth Kazekage isn’t just a Gaara copy. Also, for the love of
    god, give Konan her Paper Ocean :(

  3. One thing I never liked about the Storm games is the up combo, it doesn´t
    have a cinematic wich makes it boring.

  4. The only bad thing about Mu’s Ultimate is at 0:34 when both Particle Styles
    collide – there should have been a big impact sound when they both collide
    (the same sound that it made in the anime when Mu and Ohnoki’s particle
    style collided). Instead it is just dead silent.

  5. The reason why he can use Particle style while split in the game compared
    to when he couldn’t in the Anime/Manga is really quite simple, especially
    with all the bitching i hear about it. Think about it. His other half was
    sealed! So that’s half of his chakra pool gone. That’s why he was surprised
    that he couldn’t use it. Because he never had his other half sealed. Sure
    that doesn’t explain Ohnoki’s explanation, but its the explanation i’m
    sticking with. 

  6. I think Onoki should have this square jinton as a new jutsu and the second
    tsuchikage should get another shape

  7. I never noticed that these were the same moves as storm 3 because I beat
    them instantly. Also who cares if they are the same we get to play as them
    now, not just watch them fight us and suck it up.

  8. I really like the scale of the attacks. I hope that the scale for the
    attacks/effects of other characters have been buffed as well.

  9. whats the point of them making a video about just 1 character…? i know
    this is teaser but people are ready to move on…storm 3 is dead as shit
    and they still havent made a release date lmao

  10. Stop the teasers! U guys already piss people off with fillers on the show
    can you announce the release date already!! Lol 

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