25 thoughts on “Monolith Soft’s X – Gameplay Analysis w/ Chuggaaconroy! (Secrets & Hidden Details – Wii U)

  1. If this isn’t the game that causes the Wii U to boost up in sales past the
    clouds; I have no faith in gaming humanity.

  2. I really don’t think we can or should try to figure how this games combat
    or stats work yet. It’s just in beta, and as pointed out, could be a debug

  3. It’s safe to assume the wall says “United States” Since next to that you
    can see the right half of the U.S. Flag.

  4. When talking this fast with so little articulation so many words slip by or
    merge together, it’s hard to understand what’s being said half of the time.
    I’d rather have the video be 10 minutes longer so I can relax while
    watching because this is not do-able.

  5. Game Xplain and Chuggaa deserve 1 million subscribers. Come On guys, let’s
    help Emile for doing so much for us! 

  6. Another relevant detail is that the player´s Doll had his left arm RIPPED
    OFF after receiving a more powerful attack from Bruno. After that, maybe
    the Doll becomes unable to use the Gatling Fire, which apparently requires
    two hands/arms. Also, it´s a relevant fact because it shows that entering
    inside the Doll´s cockpit doesn´t make the player virtually invincible.
    Using a Doll has its limitations, which is a FANTASTIC feature.

  7. Hey GameXplain, what do you think about Nintendo closing down WI-FI
    services for nintendo Wii and DS/DSi games? Games like Fortune Street,
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii will be affected, as well like
    Pokemon White/Black, Mario Kart DS, etc.

  8. If you look at the enemy status like hp, the small enemy had no special
    decor while the bigger one had a special surrounding. For those who do not
    know, special decor means unique monster.

  9. You’re really good, nice detailed analysis. I think I’m too use to Andre &
    the crew though lol. Great Video 

  10. Anyone notice the icons on the left side of the “Rank 10” text on each
    character? Could these different icons mean different classes?

  11. If no-one else has noticed, the other Dolls fighting Bruno were using
    one-handed blade weapons (w/ glowing blue edges). Perhaps they had that
    equipped instead of a big gun like player one’s?

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