Minecraft Xbox/PS3 TU14 Q&A – Horses, Wither, Servers & More! (TU14 Update)

TU14 Additions Guide (In Depth) – http://youtu.be/tUJBiEm9bYE New Golden Apple Explained – http://youtu.be/–QTD0yhTwk Trapped Chest Explained – http://youtu…
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Check out how to maximize your PS3 experience with over 50 Tips to help you get started. There may even be some tips that veteran PS3 owners forgot! Follow m…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

51 thoughts on “Minecraft Xbox/PS3 TU14 Q&A – Horses, Wither, Servers & More! (TU14 Update)

  1. i’m 70% sure they are adding wither boss there is a chance don’t just say
    “No i don’t think they will just cause they didn’t confirm it on shit
    screenshots” that’s basically what you’re saying wtf dude

  2. I find it interesting that 4J answers people questions on stuff but never
    answer the Horse questions with a “NO” or “in a later update” when it comes
    to everyone asking about Horses in TU14. So maybe it is in it and they are
    waiting for the last screen shot or when the update comes out to surprise
    us?! :D

  3. I don’t like how they are not adding servers to Xbox 360 or ps3. Im not
    going to waste $500 on a Xbox one or $400 on a ps4 just to re buy and play

  4. Hi guys I have Minecraft on the PS3 and I would like to help evryboddy have
    fun on Minecraft PS3 edition so i will make skyblock for you or survial
    island and manny outher thangs like that,so if you want anythang like that
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  5. Tip #51: On the old phat model, you can rotate the PS logo next to the disc
    drive so that is’t not sideways and silly-looking when oriented vertically.

  6. I own a xbox 360 and Xbox one. I haven’t used playstation since ps2. Should
    I buy ps3 now because it’s cheaper? Or should I save up for ps4?

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  8. +CorkyBurrito you should get a PS3. Most games are cheap right now and
    there’s some great exclusives on it. Should wait on the PS4 since the games
    aren’t quite there yet and soon there will be a slim model(maybe) with a
    price drop.

  9. I dont know why PS4 doesnt have this features even i cant watch youtube on
    PS4 because doesnt support adobe flash player

  10. few questions about PS3 features
    can you use multiple consoles PS3,PS4,PSP,PSVita for 1 user account running
    same time?
    Can you Use multiple same console(PS3 to same Console and multiple consoles
    at the same time, PSVITA to same handheld the same time, PS4 to Same
    Console) multiple duplicates at the same time?
    if you delete games that is free from playstation + store on
    PS3,PS4,PSVita; can you manage download for free after you purchase or
    promotion for free or easy to download from your account?
    please reply me cause im really new at it!

  11. It is region free if i buy a us copy but why the dlc’s aren’t compatible
    with a eyropean version? Also another thing that bothers me is the fact
    that they dont let you put the avatar you want,instead they just sell close
    to two bucks the coolest ones.I would love to make an update for that
    one,small stuff but i believe it worth it.I did’t knew though that themes
    can be found free in the net and put them just like that in the system,why
    not avatars as well?

  12. The PS3 web browser is complete shit. Why can’t Sony just leave Opera do it
    like on the Wii? That web browser is great.

  13. lmao how many people stopped playing PS for awhile and came here to catch
    up but found out you are so behind.. lol

    One step at a time.. I’ll get back into it.. I have my son to help.lol 

  14. Hey, I just subbed 🙂
    But can you do videos about ps4 news in the MIDDLE EAST. Because I live
    there, and I feel left out when it comes to gaming…..

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