Minecraft Xbox 360/PS3 – Update/News On Title Update 14! (TU14)

Some new info on where Title update 14 (TU14) is! Enjoy the video? Please “LIKE” and subscribe! http://bit.ly/1frAKbD If you’d like to support me/the video, …

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50 thoughts on “Minecraft Xbox 360/PS3 – Update/News On Title Update 14! (TU14)

  1. Ps3 people, why are you complaining that you arent getting texture packs,
    the xbox people had to wait 2 years for texture packs to even be confirmed
    that they are coming out yet you people havent even had it for 2 months,
    theres a reason why we get more texture packs

  2. Blackspur I heard (probably not true) that 4J suddenly confirmed horses!
    Could it be true or is it bullcrap???? Plz reply

  3. My birthday is march 25th hope it comes out then.blackspur do you think we
    will get almost everything from pc vetsion

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