25 thoughts on “Minecraft (Xbox 360) – Stampy’s Bedroom – Hunger Games

  1. If anybody feels like doing a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New
    Year’s, and Easter hunger games/parties message my gamertag Simp990968. I
    am doing holiday hunger maps I created and parties.

  2. Thank you big B for inspiring me to making videos on you tube and I hope to
    get 30 subscribers before Christmas but I only need 11 before I get it
    marry Christmas to everybody and I hope I can get the goal!

  3. Please read!!: I am one of your BIGGEST FANS and not to sound like a fanboy
    or anything but it would be an HONOR to play a hunger games map with u
    PLEASE message me on xbox saying if I can or if I can’t MY GT is I
    WILLWRECK U62 Please don’t forget:)

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