Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair Reviewed

Trying to find a Microsoft Xbox 360 repair guide that actually works can be some what a difficult task because there is a vast of resources available out there on the internet but doesnt it pay to understand why you have the dreaded three red lights?

A few months ago I was starting to have trouble with my 360 in terms of overheating and then came the three red lights fault and like you I was thinking, great I cannot afford to buy a new one so I turned to the internet to try and find a fix for this problem.

Of course as soon as I started to research this problem I was bombarded with offers and programs that would claim to be the best Microsoft Xbox 360 repair without having to package my console up and send it off to Microsoft so I started to look into this further.

Now from the research I could find from websites offering free information was that I had to open my Xbox up and replace certain things to do with the fans, heat skink and something called thermal past and once this had been done I should over heat my console and it should solve the problem but I found that the information was vivid and lacked a few details such as what tools to use and how to unpack the console safely.

So, having found this information and having a general idea of what needed to be done I started to look into paid resources that would help and was surprised at some of the information I found which was either too complicated for a non techie or I just couldnt make any sense of the instructions which to be honest I wasnt surprised by this because in most cases it would result in paying more to get more support.

So what was next? Well I started looking into a couple of online marketplaces that a friend recommended and after a couple of hours of research and yes spending some money, I finally found two resources that gave me what I was looking for.

I managed to find two guides that were for the non techie mind and were simple enough to follow from taking my console case apart, to the exact tools I needed to unpack the motherboard from the case and rectify the problem.

To be honest I nearly broke my Xbox the first time I tried to open the case because I didnt have a clue what I was doing because there are little clips that hold the case together but this was soon fixed with the information I managed to find and within around 3 hours I have everything repacked and managed to switch my computer back on and use it again.

For now it has been working for around two weeks and I am now using a laptop cooling pad when I use my Xbox to try and keep it cool and although I dont use it often it seems to be working quite well but for how long I dont know because non of these guides are a permanent fix no matter what anyone says and they are not guaranteed to work.

So whats next?

For those serious about trying to repair there Xbox 360 console from home although no quick fixes are guaranteed then all thats left to do is look at my Microsoft Xbox 360 Repair page.

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