25 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ‘Demo Gameplay @ GDC 2013’ HD

  1. FINALLLY. ive been saying that for ages. and the theme in moby dick is
    revenge too. and its about a main character losing a limb.

  2. Wow, I’m amazed at the graphic and physic engine used in this game. It’s
    hard to believe that this is gameplay (other than obvious camera controls).

  3. now that i think about it. what if all this is just Big Boss fighting in
    his coma. and its all mentally and not physically?

  4. Despite David Hayder not voicing Snake this time around, I’m sure this’ll
    be an amazing entry into the series. However, I still don’t understand
    Kojima’s choice of Keifer Sutherland rather than Hayder – kinda pisses me
    off. This version of Snake/Big Boss just feels too strange.

  5. did you noticed the beginning of my sentence *I THINK…..* so that was my
    THEORY 3 weeks ago before anything was shown including the last two
    trailers of Phantom Pain….and yes i considered you a troll cause i
    thought you actually READ my comment and then randomly mentioned Mgs4(witch
    i played and the rest of the Mgs)witch is completely out of topic ive
    commented ….NOW i know that you didn’t read my comment properly

  6. well obviously you didn’t get the meaning….in MGS4 the *spotlight*
    belonged to solid snake/old snake because the whole game was bout him
    fighting liquids insurrection (while Big Boss showed up shortly at the end
    of the game)….in MGS3 BB had the *spotlight* because the game was all
    bout HIM fighting the Boss and eventually killing her…and MGS 3 was on
    PS2 the last big console that he was playable on(i know there was PW and PO
    but i don’t consider PSP a BIG CONSOLE so i dint mentioned that)

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