25 thoughts on “Mega64: GDC 2010 (HOT NEW COMMERCIAL)(D0PE)

  1. Holy shit, I just realized: the kid sitting at home playing Xbox (like a
    queer) is King Burger King. Makes perfect sense. He would be a friendless
    loser; after all, he doesn’t even like sushi.

  2. Everytime I watch this, I die laughing. It’s like a lesson in douchebag.
    Too much tool in one video! XD Love Mega64.

  3. @ez2524 You’re probably the type of guy who plays call of duty all day and
    has”vag” as his tag, but IRL you’re a complete failure. I play Final
    Fantasy and Wow. I have a girlfriend, and friends. How are people promoting
    your bullshit. They’re probably niggers just like you.

  4. the commercial says were GDC is but the main problem was not the length but
    the idea being put out. they are typically suggesting that Game Developers
    Conference is a party of celebrities and other shit fuck awesome stuff out
    there. GDC is a conference not a part -_- period

  5. he’s not italian he’s american i just taught you something what?!?!! and
    sorry no rpg’s i like fuckin too much are two favorite parts

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