Exclusive: Q&a On Gd, Pi, Essay Writing – Part One

With the GD, PI, Essay Writing shortlists having being declared of most of the IIMs, all eyes are now focused on preparing for these crucial make-or-break rounds.
We start this series with the following Q&As:
Q. How to go about a GD topicwhich is controversial?
A. The best approach for a controversial topic is to think with a broad mind, look in context of long terms perspective, and short term implications. It is best for the group to discuss both pros and cons of a controversial issue and then try to form a consensus. For example: Should India declare war on Pakistan? It should be dealt carefully and both pros and cons (short & long term) of any action should be discussed.
Q. How to tackle a loud GD?
A. Most of the GDs would be loud and you should be prepared for that. It is best not to add to the loudness. Rather, when the intensity level drops a little, raise your point. Make sure that you raise a new point so that everyone listens.
Q. How to avoid a fish market situation in GDs?
A. Sometimes a fish market situation is unavoidable if others keep on shouting. The best strategy is not to contribute to the fish market. You should wait for the opportune moment, and as soon as the decibel level lowers, you should address the group and tell them that the discussion is heading nowhere. Having said that, impetus is on you to take the discussion forward. Immediately, come up with a new / earlier unnoticed point and encourage the group to discuss on that.
Q. What should be the flow of essay writing?
A. Typically essays should start with an introductory paragraph about the topic. It should follow up with the main points where you put forward your case. It is best to illustrate your points with facts and examples. After the main body, the last paragraph should be able to summarize your thoughts and your opinion about the topic should be reflected by the concluding paragraph.
Q. What should I do to speed up my thinking while writing essay?
A. Avoid thinking about new points while writing. In fact, write about what you have already thought. Best approach is to jot down the key points, and draw a concept map on rough paper. Try to think of as many points in first 5 minutes. After that, focus on the flow of your essay so that it covers each and every point.

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