Manchester Dentist, Tariq Drabu Encourages His Patients to Take Care of Their Teeth During the Festive Season

(PRWEB) January 06, 2014

Tariq Drabu, leading Manchester dentist was speaking recently in reference to an article published by the Dentistry website. The article, which can be read here, shares information and advice that dental practitioners can give to their patients during the festive season. At this time of year we are all eating large quantities for delicious chocolates, high sugar foods, and alcoholic beverages which contain sugars and acids. All these things can cause damage to our teeth. In order to prevent additional damage, the guide urges patients to take extra special care of their teeth over the festive period.

The ‘Oral Survival Guide’ contains many excellent tips for looking after teeth during the festive season. Tariq Drabu, speaking from Manchester said, “In this season of parties, get-togethers and celebrations, our teeth can come under attack from the extra sugar and alcohol we are consuming. The Oral Survival Guide, produced by James Goolnik, has been compiled to give patients practical advice on how to look after their teeth during the festivities of the Holiday season. Good oral hygiene is easy, and it takes just a few minutes each day. It is the best way to prevent decay and the development of serious oral infections and diseases.”

Tariq Drabu is a leading Manchester dentist, and a teacher and mentor to postgraduate students. He is also a highly respected family dentist, so he understands the importance of good oral hygiene at all times. He went on to say, “We need to look after our teeth throughout the year, but during Festive celebrations, extra care must be taken. Excessive alcohol often means people forget to brush their teeth at night! January is traditionally a month when Langley is busy with patients who did not take extra care during the holiday season.”

Tariq Drabu is based in Manchester, running his busy and popular practice, The Langley Dental Practice. But he is also a highly experienced and gifted Specialist in Oral Surgery by the General Dental Council. He is a leading name in dentistry and a highly respected individual within the dental medical profession, and with over 25 years’ experience in both general practice and hospital dentistry he truly understands the importance of education for patients. He believes that educating people about good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent serious dental problems and oral diseases from developing.

Manchester based Tariq Drabu, closed by saying, “This guide can be downloaded free of charge from the link included in the article, so I encourage my patients to access their own copy. It contains excellent advice on holiday eating, drinking, and advice on other aspects of festive behavior like smoking, and more. As most of us know, alcohol contains high levels of sugar, and certain drinks and mixers can also be highly acidic. These two in combination can cause great damage to our teeth. This guide will ensure patients can relax and enjoy themselves throughout the holiday season. They can celebrate with their friends and families and sample all the season has to offer, while still caring for their teeth.”

About Dr Tariq Drabu

Dr Tariq Drabu is a highly experienced and well known Manchester dentist and GDC registrant. He is accredited as a Specialist in Oral Surgery by the General Dental Council. Dr Tariq Drabu practices at his Langley Dental Practice in Manchester. Dr Drabu is a leading name in dentistry, with over 25 years’ experience in both general practice and hospital dentistry. Dr Tariq Drabu is also the Clinical Lead Dentist for the Oral Surgery Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services at NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale. He is a specialist staff member at The UCLan Dental Clinic in Preston.

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