Lets Play Terraria : Xbox 360 Edition | Part 101 – Titan Helmet and Ocram!

Next Part – http://youtu.be/jhtbJC8EFT8 Welcome to Part 101 of the Lets Play Terraria : Xbox 360 Edition! In this part we kill ocram and get the titan helmet…
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50 thoughts on “Lets Play Terraria : Xbox 360 Edition | Part 101 – Titan Helmet and Ocram!

  1. Herobrine is a guy how looks like steve but has white eyes that is evil he
    trys to kill u by put a whole bunch of traps u know how fredrick got stolen
    it could of been herobrine framing bertie 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  2. to diy lether u need to choose a colour from the diy section then u put on
    your lether on then u hover the colour over your armer then u click lt then
    it will do it. 

  3. Herobrine is a myth and legend of minecraft, that simultaneously does and
    does not exist. I actually think Lewis has seen Herobrine before in one of
    his videos. He saw another player, not a villager, once when no one else
    was on in his game but himself.

  4. No, it was probably somebody else who was online, or it was Lewis.
    Herobrine is an undeletable NPC (non player character) he was put in by
    mojang and a glitch called HeroBrine got to him turning him into a freaky
    default steve with white eyes. I spotted him once when i walked into a
    giant TNT trap, on PS3 edition.

  5. Herobrine is not real. One day a guy from Brocraft called Copeland streamed
    an edited video where he first introduced Herobrine. Mojang and 4J Studios
    often talk about Herobrine, but he isn’t real. They say he has white eyes,
    makes sand pyramids, and makes traps in dungeons. Even in the 1.6 PC
    update, they say they removed Herobrine. I think that they are just trying
    to fool people. In the lines of code for Minecraft, there are no lines for
    generating the entity of Herobrine.

  6. Bro after I just watched all of Ur episodes on this I got on Minecraft and
    made me a treehouse I currently have 11 puppies in the game XD

  7. Lewis ur vídeos or awsome but my opinion is that u should do more hunger
    games and also do minigames cuz ur lets plays r cool but then again i get
    bored cuz same thing over and over amd ya hope to see hunger games and
    minigames and peace out Lewis

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