HP Pavilion x360 – 360° of versatility. One smart price.

http://www.hp.com/x360 – A PC that converts to fit your needs. With a 360-degree hinge and an intuitive touchscreen, the HP Pavilion x360 lets you get work d…

PC config with max settings.
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50 thoughts on “HP Pavilion x360 – 360° of versatility. One smart price.

  1. im an HP fan, always have. I think Lenovo’s laptops are ugly as hell but I
    have to admit that the yoga will rock on this HP. the specs just can’t
    match the yoga. after saying that, I don’t think HP was targeting high end
    user with this x360. I love it, very nice design but that red is something
    to get use to. I hope they will have different color choice that is more
    suttle ( grey, black, white). that red is just too much attention for me.
    nice mid priced machine.

  2. Award winning ? I guess everything can be awarded nowadays. A pentium
    processor which is on valuable for surfing the web, but again Hp is making
    a fool out of the retards. The surface pro comes with an i5 processor.

  3. 360 degrees would imply that it would return to it’s original position in a
    continuous circle. It doesn’t do that, therefore it does not work as

    HP is known for overstating the ability of their products.

  4. It says (somewhere in there) that RED is $10.00 extra. Does that mean the
    “standard” color is something else?

  5. At what degree of rotation does the keyboard shut off? Or will someone
    forever be fingering random keys while using this a as a tablet?

  6. I’m adding this on my wish list since I bought my first ( HP ) pc about
    2&1/2 yrs . ago. I’m still discovering & enjoying the loaded features this
    baby has.

  7. I like this very much, because this is based on the fact that I purchased
    my 1st HP laptop about 3yrs. ago from QVC. It’s a HP dv7 , 17 inch f/w
    finger print reader / HD screen – steady video / Beats Audio & many other
    loaded features that my 2 previous Dell PCs didn’t have.

  8. I like the concept but am really struggling with the Wi Fi on my HP
    Pavilion laptop. Spending hours with Netgear trying to correct. Won’t be
    buying another HP . . . too painful. 

  9. Michael, you are one complete idiot. The top goes all the way around and
    meets the bottom again, that is 360 degrees.

  10. Played this by accident on a boring afternoon. Literally could not put the
    game down once i started it was the beat atory driven game i have ever
    played. The eery environments, creepy villains, and the feeling that
    something can pounce on you at any second this game is a rollercoaster ride
    from start to finish and i really hope remedy stars working on it again
    after quantum break

  11. Btw if your guna get the game get it on pc the graphics and free dlc
    content alone make it much better than the console version

  12. for some reason I always like how the 360 version of this game looked. it
    was a little more blurry and help add atmosphere. other wise pc if you want
    the best looking graphics.

  13. @RaphaeLRNR How is it so? You can use Xbox controller if you want, better
    graphics in every game, high FPS, faster loading times, you can use
    multiple screens…. PC wins in every single way 😀

  14. ROFL No contest here PC have: Shit tons more Texture at least 2x, More
    Shadows, Better Dynamic Lighting, Shit tons drawing Distance, No horrible
    Blurr to hide lower Textures.. I would buy the PC version just to get rid
    of Blurr and the Textures Alone.

  15. Oh my god you stupid idiot. All you stupid PC players say this and you’re
    all completely stupid. Xbox 360 is the best platform for gaming and you
    know it. It has the best graphics by far and has way more features than a
    PC so shut up and get a life! …….sniff……sniff, sniff……..I..I
    want a PC…..*cries*…

  16. And if those of you seeing this and are seriously thinking, “not a big
    difference, not worth it” you are sorely mistaken. Besides the better FPS,
    FOV and true 1080p HD, this games lighting, shadowing and textures alone
    blow the 360 out of the water. Just look at the logs or bulldozer side by
    side. Notice how the 360 version has way more fog? It’s because it can’t
    render nearly as much as a decent mid range PC. This is the definitive
    version of Alan Wake, for newbies and fans for sure!

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