How To: Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Repair

In this video iFixit’s MJ demonstrates how to use their PlayStation 3 Yellow Light of Death repair kit. This kit will repair the Yellow Light of Death when c…

Więcej na: Przedstawiamy reballiing układu RSX w konsoli Playstation 3 (PS3). Do reballingu PS3 użyto stacji na podczerwień. Reballi…

50 thoughts on “How To: Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death Repair

  1. Sony charges you hundreds of dollars for their console and they can’t even
    use high quality thermal paste?? What a fucking joke. I’m sure Microsoft is
    no better.

  2. I did not go to this extent, i just manually blew into the back through the
    vents for 5 minutes, restarted it and it worked.
    disclaimer: Im not responsible for any damage caused by your bad breath

  3. the things i dont get from this problem is ….. why no one sue sony for
    selling broken ps3 if EVERYONE GETS THIS PROBLEM. Its like… they sell
    broken ps3 for you guys to send it back to the corporation so they can get
    more money from you. oh well the new generation is just full of dumb ass
    game addict so whatever.

  4. This resolution does not work. I bought the kit and all, but I’m not
    bitter because the tools will come in handy down the road, maybe not that
    heat gun which is bunk as far as its use for fixing PS3 YLOD.
    The real solution is oven, bake mainboard solution. I advise all seeking
    to fix their YLOD to visit this the video put up by IMP4EVR.
    He gives a nice oven bake guide to fixing PS3 YLOD.
    iFixit, you guys need to seriously update your guide. The steps were
    almost useless to me since your guide only shows the first gen PS3 phat and
    not the 80/40GB PS3 Phat that lacked PS2 backward compatibility. That PS3
    too gets YLOD. I had to search hard on Youtube to find a video from
    gilsky1 that covered the breakdown of the PS3 I have.
    Again the heatgun resolution in this video should not be attempted as it
    will be a complete waste. iFixit need to suggest users the Oven bake
    resolution as that worked like a charm and was well manageable.
    Unlike that heatgun which I read could damage the PS3 mainboard if not
    properly heated.
    Again IMP4EVR’s oven bake is the best solution and its cheaper, it only
    cost me some Reynold’s Wrap aluminum foil and patience while it baked and

  5. If someone can just custom make a better heat sink than the ones installed
    I’m pretty sure that would be a permanent fix to this issue.

  6. I know the heat gun setting should be on low when heating the entire board,
    does it stay on low when doing each chip for the 20-30 seconds? or do you
    put it on high for that?

  7. It would have been much better if Sony and Microsoft had just made there
    expensive consoles perfect from the beginning, so repairs like this, would
    not be necessary with a great amount of the PS3’s and Xbox 360’s 

  8. I just ordered this kit. $50 including shipping. Hopefully I can repair
    my Japanese PS3. Give it new life.

    Thank God for Youtube! This site had previously helped me fix both my PS1
    and PS2 that had disc read problems and now I’m fixing my PS3. 

  9. Would a hairdryer work as a replacement for the heat gun? If so, I should
    have all the required tools on hand.

    Also, does anyone have a rough idea on the success rate of fixing YLODs?
    Do most get fixed from this or is it a 50/50 success rate?

  10. This actually worked for me, at least temporarily (I’ve only used the ps3
    for about 2 hours since the fix just watching a movie). Thanks for the
    guide, it was extremely helpful! 

  11. Hi:
    +iFixit Video how much time the PS3 is going to last after this? Do you
    suggest a Re-Balling too?
    Already have a PlayStation 4 and my PS3 was fixed but didn’t last long. I
    want to recover my PS3 (two 60GB Backwards compatible and one PS3 Slim).
    Right now, my first PLAYSTATION 3 is getting repaired by an Engineer. He
    says it can be fixed… Later I’ll tell you if it worked or not.
    Red 5.

  12. To się sprawdza przy układach o małej masie, układ RSX z radiatorem waży
    jakieś 200 g więc nie może tu być mowy o samopozycjonowaniu.

  13. Can anyone tell me what he means by ” pattern ” i see what he is using
    after the tacky flux, but where can i buy pattern? Or what is its actually
    name ? Please someone

  14. I agree with you saying how people can dislike a vid like this, but i
    disagree with you saying “this is the way everyone hould do it”. Where the
    hell should I get the needed Tools as a private person?

  15. To prawdopodobnie był topnik, możliwe że dostał się pod “blaszkę” w trakcie
    czyszczenia plecionką. Nawet w najwyższej temperaturze rozpływu topnik nie
    odparuje całkowicie – lecz to też zależy od tego jaki topnik jest
    stosowany. W tym przypadku był to AMTECH NC-559. W każdym razie wszystko
    przebiegło prawidłowo, gdyż po wlutowaniu układu konsola ruszyła.

  16. Już tłumaczę: Zapewne chodzi o moment czysczenia ukłądu RSX. Proszę
    zauważyć, że napis “czyszczenie układu z resztek starego spoiwa” pojawia
    się od pierwszego momentu – czyli zdejmowania cyny, aż do samego końca –
    czyli czyszczenia z topnika. Po prostu osoba montująca filmik ujęła to jaki
    jednolity proces bez rozdrabniania na pojedyncze czynności – wszak w tym
    etapie chodzi właśnie o wyczyszczenie układu z reszek spoiwa, czyszczenie
    topnikiem jest tylko jedną z czynności tworzących całość 🙂

  17. Naprawiacie jeszcze? i czy tylko konsolki ? bo chciałbym wymienić grafe w
    lapku. BGA – mam wadliwy układ a nie chce żeby to było tak – nosz ku*** nie
    działa :d wole dać go zrobić i niech działa a nie :Dd

  18. I sent my friend’s ps3 to a pc workshop; however, he did a reballing
    procedure, afterthat, the ps3 is blinking red. In addition, he told me that
    he wasnt sure about the size of balls. At last, the ps3 was working when I
    sent it. Regards, and sorry for my english.

  19. Wow that was awsome, i was wondering sir if reballing is a perma solution
    for the fixture of red yellow light or in due time eventually it will give
    in and we have to start the same process again, just windering sir thank u

  20. nie i nie chcialbym ale w razie co to chce wiedziec gdzie sie wzrocic o
    pomoc. Slyszalem ze jeszcze w zadnym slimie nie wystapil ylod ale nie

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