GTA V- Lets Have Fun *Live Now* – Xbox 360

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25 thoughts on “GTA V- Lets Have Fun *Live Now* – Xbox 360

  1. Hey Guys. Its Extremeable just posting to say thank you to all of you. Most
    of you have asked for my GamerTag. My gamertag is : Extremeable This
    is for Xbox or Psn i have both. Also u guys wanted to add me on skype. No
    problem. my skype name is ExtremeableGamer. (Please dont spam it otherwise
    i will block you. but please feel free to send me video and talk to me ­čÖé
    ) ´╗┐

  2. 100k Views. Wow guys. all 100,000 of you are legend. Even if your just
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    never though i would ever get a video on my channel to 100k. This is mind
    blowing. Thank you guys so much ´╗┐

  3. So close to 350 likes come on guys we got this Go Extremeable Team :D.
    Click that subscribe button like you wanna fight with it ´╗┐

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