Google May Launch Tablet PC on Developers Conference

According to sources, Google I / O Google will release the new tablet PC products Nexus on the Developer Conference of 2012 held on June 27-29. Earlier after the acquisition of Motorola Mobile, the industry had had rumors that Google might be interested to launch its software-based hardware products. Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt mentioned this possibility in December last year.


According to statistics, on Google Developer Conference Google I / O of recent years, hardware products are one of the largest “bright spots”: before the opening of Google Developers Conference in 2010, Google Inc. distributed a product called Nexus One (Droid) Android smart phone to each of the participating developers; and after Google the opening of the General Assembly, Google even showed the first Android smart phone supporting 4G network in the United States — HTC EVO 4G.


In 2011, Google Inc. Google on Developers Conference transferred its focus to the tablet device as well as the Chrome browser.


Under Google’s “good tradition”, the tablet PCs said to be exposed on this year’s Developers Conference Google I / O caught extraordinary attention. Before the conference, foreign media exposed that Google’s new Tablet PC will be the ASUS OEM, built-in processor 1.3GHz four nuclear the Tegra 3, in addition with a GeForce 12-core GPU display processor and 1GB of memory. The Tablet PC has two versions of 8GB storage capacity and 16GB storage capacity; the former is priced at $ 199, while the latter sells for $ 249.


In addition, it is said that the Nexus tablet PCs will run the Android Jelly bean system, also providing the NFC (near-field transmission technology) and Google Wallet functionality (probably only for the U.S.

market). Tablet PC screen employs IPS display, the viewing angle of which is 178 degrees, with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. In addition, the device also provides a pre-1.2 million-pixel camera, and the battery life is 9 hours.


Being the same as one of the giants in the IT field, Microsoft on June 18 released its own brand of Tablet PC Surface “in advance”. Surface Tablet PC employs magnesium alloy body, 10.6-inch display with a USB 2.0 or 3.0 interface and Windows 8 operating system. Microsoft’s official website called it “Full HD display”, the screen ratio of 16:9. According to the news of Microsoft, Surface will be divided into two versions.

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