GDC 2012: DXT is NOT ENOUGH! Advanced texture compression for games

GDC 2012: DXT is NOT ENOUGH! Advanced texture compression for games

(Pre-recorded GDC content) Tired of fighting to fit your textures on disk? Too many bad reviews on long download times? Fix it! Don’t settle for putting your…
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GDC 2012: From Console to Chrome

(Pre-recorded GDC content) Cutting-edge HTML5 brings high performance console-style 3d games to the browser, but developing a modern HTML5 game engine can be…

49 thoughts on “GDC 2012: DXT is NOT ENOUGH! Advanced texture compression for games

  1. One reason companies like games with massive data is to hold back casual
    piracy. Streaming from a BluRay disc isn’t a problem, but Steam won’t like
    it. : )

  2. @BlueBellyfluff Here is very simplified explanation, but not technically
    correct. @120hz the same frame is drawn twice for anything that is 60frames
    per second, and @240hz every frame is drawn 4 times. Even blue ray movies
    are really only 29.97 hz, so on a 60Hz TV it’s drawn the same frame twice
    in a role, there are also 24Hz videos, so 60Hz is for games is already very

  3. Interesting talk I can’t believe I understood all of that. I hate Over
    Compressed Textures but if they can use a variable method that adjusts for
    individual parts of the image and come out with results that look 95% as
    good as the original then I am all for it.

  4. 04:16 oh my god ID software is about quality and decompression speed who’s
    the moron that let this guy talk at GDC ?! Does he actually know anything
    about what consumers and real game developers want ?

  5. Can anyone explain why this advanced research is done when the target
    refresh rate stays at 60 hz? Is’nt that the base minimum? Or is it because
    this is focused on the consoles?

  6. long download time has nothing to do with the game. It have to do what the
    consumers and the game providers internet speed. If one of them is cheap,
    well you get what you pay for of course. if the problem is on the consumers
    side ignore his/her stupid comments about download speed or direct them to
    a place that makes them figure out themselves how cheap they are and need
    more internet speed (just telling consumer that, is not as effective, often
    too stupid to understand it)

  7. Basically: no patience ? well get higher internet speed, moron don’t come
    and whine about it to us when we have nothing to do about it

  8. Optimizing data placement and converting data for compression algo’s like
    zip isn’t new. I have seen several versions of this. First time was back in
    1996 i think. Each new technique only gets better because the processors
    gets faster

  9. So he is obviously not on the consumers or the developers side. He’s a
    mouth-peace for the greedy and cheap companies that refuse to offer good

  10. 03:12 His logic doesn’t make sense both as a consumer and a developer i
    want to see and make pretty games with high quality textures that doesn’t
    look like cheap or sloppy or made for crappy overpriced consoles only
    reason he would possible have to not want to offer a 17 gb game for
    download is the bandwidth cost for them not consumers. as a consumer i
    would buy a 17 gb game, i have patience i’m not some immature moron without
    patience that want to play as soon as the buy button been clicked

  11. This video is really about: How he is baffled by the fact that reducing
    image quality will save disk space Apparently, to this guy, its a new
    thing. Yeah i was right, a moron. It’s been obvious to me since i started
    to work on computers. I thought this video would be about compressing
    textures and _keeping_ the high quality. So much for keeping my hopes up.
    Thanks for trampling on my hopes…

  12. Most in depth JS optimization video I think I have ever seen (there are
    other components) GDC 2012: From Console to Chrome

  13. Cutting-edge HTML5 brings high performance console-style 3d games to the
    browser, but developing a modern HTML5 game engine can be a challenge.
    Adapting to HTML5 and Javascript can be bewildering to game programmers
    coming from C / C++. This talk is an overview of the tools, techniques, and
    topics you need to be familiar with to adapt to programming high
    performance 3D games for the web. Topics will include cutting edge HTML5
    APIs, writing high performance Javascript, and profiling / debugging tools.

  14. +Lilli Thompson delivers pretty much the most comprehensive and practical
    overview of HTML5 performance optimization in +Google Chrome that I’ve ever

    If you’re like me an missed this when it was published in March, it’s work
    every second of it’s hour length.

    Thanks for sharing Lilli! :)

  15. Just wondering why doesn’t V8 use native doubles? Doing complicated stuff
    with just integer math, just makes developers lifes a pain… then again
    most game logic is integer math, still it does not make sense that
    javascript is so loose with its typeless system, grrrr… I hate that
    something better did not substitute Javascript, I was uisng javascript back
    in the day it was too slow, too lose, it may be faster now, but it still
    sucks as a development language for any complex system…

  16. Trace deopt sounds really good. Want to try it, but in video it is not
    mentioned how to run it on Linux machine. Any pointers? Thanks!

  17. Internet Explorer supports the HTML5 specification. HTML5 != WebGL. Learn
    to spell, get a clue, and stop using Internet Explorer, its crap.

  18. Mientras ustedes se pierden en esta tecnología que no es html5 sino java
    script + css, Flash developers viven en el paraíso, y tarde o temprano a
    pesar de este ataque por quitarle su supremacía mundial, triunfará porque
    lo más difícil de hacer para lograr el triunfo en lo referente a
    informática es hacerlo fácil para los creativos y para los usuarios.Ahora
    es un pequeño obstáculo la poca capacidad de los dispositivos móviles, pero
    a futuro el predominio de Flash seguirá siendo una realidad.

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