Tampa, FL (PRWEB) February 03, 2014

Gamers rejoice as the mother of all Modded Controllers, the Juggernaut, is added to the line up of GamerModz Xbox One Modded Controllers. Customers now have the option of Rapid Fire SPS X-1, SPS X-2, SPS X-3 or the Juggernaut to liven up their game-play. In addition to rapid-fire mods, a wide variety of colored shells and hydro-dip patterns are available to customize your Xbox One controller.

“We are thrilled with the final product. We were able to incorporate more mods than any other Xbox One controller on the market, and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from our customers” says owner Shawn Best.

The Juggernaut comes with a plethora of features in addition to its 20 modes of Rapid Fire.

Features include:

20 Mode Rapid Fire: 5 user-programmable modes and 15 preset modes.
Left Trigger Rapid Fire
Akimbo (Dual Trigger Rapid Fire)
Fast Reload: 5 Programmable Modes – Allows the player to reload their weapon faster without wasting a perk.
Quick Scope: 5 programmable modes – Allows the player to simply tap the LT, which then brings the scope up, focuses in on the target, and fires all at the same time.
Drop Shot: When the player pulls the right trigger, their gun will fire and they will drop to the ground, continuing to fire as they continue to hold the trigger (when rapid fire is enabled). Once they release the trigger they will automatically stand up.
Quick Knife: Allows the player to knife even while holding down the trigger. There is no need to stop firing to knife.
Double Tap: Fires when the player pulls the trigger as well as when they release it.
Auto Run: When Auto Run is enabled, a player can simply move in the direction they want to run (They do not have to press down on the thumbstick).
Auto Drop: Allows the player to drop to the ground immediately, by simply tapping the B button.
Auto Scope (Hold Breath, Hold Zoom): Brings up the scope and stabilizes by simply pressing zoom.
Burst Mode: 2, 3, 4 & 5 Rounds Burst with a single trigger pull (Must have Rapid Fire Enabled)

All Rapid Fire Mods are available through the Xbox One Create-A-Controller and Xbox One Modded Controller sections.

About GamerModz®

GamerModz is a Tampa, Florida based company that designs and manufactures Custom Controllers for the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles. In addition to manufacturing user designed fully customized controllers, GamerModz also manufactures individual custom controller parts and rapid fire mods for gamers. The innovative rapid fire technology allows gamers to set the rate at which their weapon fires in many popular first person shooter games such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. More information about GamerModz and their products can be found at or by calling (866) 205-5268.

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