Fix Xbox 360 RROD

So Xbox 360 is not working, warranty still stands. Sure I decided to give it to warranty service. After I gave it there, I thougt it wouldn’t be big problem to get xbox fixed soon. But, I was wrong. It was 2nd week after time I gave Xbox to fix. Long time to fix quite simple problem, but it wasn’t the end of this. I was asked to pay 100$ for fixing. It isn’t fair enough, but this problem as later service man explained, isn’t included in warranty terms. So I constrained to pay. However, after two weeks Xbox 360 came back to home. My brother was really happy, I was happy too.

Few weeks ago I came back to home and my little brother barraged me that I didn’t fixed his Xbox. I asked why he thinks so and he explained that the Xbox is not working again. I felt screwed and imediatly jumped in my car and drove directly to that service. I explained them that I got the same error again and want that they will fix it for free. They told me all situation (older Xbox get this error very often and it is manufacturer fault in console’s structure) and sure I didn’t get Xbox fixed for free and I didn’t want to pay 100$ again. So I started searches of how to fix this error my self. Thank you big G, I was successful and got very good source. Sure I need to pay around 30$ , but I think it was worth. I fixed Xbox in few minutes and did it again when Ring of Death showed again. I don’t need to worry about this issue anymore and everytime I am sure that if ring of death show again I don’t need to give xbox someone and pay a lot of money of simple problem fixing.

If you get this error to and want to learn from my mistakes (deliver it to service) as well as safe your time and money, be smart and use my advice.

I share my found with You, click on link here. It is very simple to use and everything is explained as for “home user”.

Good luck!

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