25 thoughts on “Early Nintendo DS Commercials (2004-2006)

  1. i know this is not related to the video and those comment’s is a year old
    but, what with all the sony is going bankrupt and not going to make the ps4
    comment’s below??
    we all know that this is not going to happen anytime soon nor nintendo’s
    going 3rd party. people should realise that sony is not only making gaming
    consoles and handheld…… oh! and the ps4 is out and it’s selling well
    too except in brazil so far. 

  2. You know your ds is for kids all age when the catch fraise is “touching is
    good.” I dont know if they are saying jerk off kids everyone does it or if
    its ok to touch a touch screen

  3. What happened to Nintendo’s marketing department? Commercials of this
    quality might actually sell the Wii U. Most people I know think it’s an
    expansion for the Wii. Nintendo, speak to the people!

  4. these are some wierd commercials. how come they say “you can lead kirby
    with your finger” when your supposed to use a stylus

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