25 thoughts on “Driver: San Francisco – Walkthrough – Part 1 [HD] (X360/PS3)

  1. The video was terrific dude. I’ve played the first driver the second and
    another I can’t remember. Bit the content and graphics just blow me away.
    Even though I was watching this through YouTube the graphics were still
    awesome. I love the driver series. Every since I was playing it on
    playstion one. And two. But I can’t wait to get this game its awesome. Ur
    driving is really great. We all will crash at some point. But its better
    then my brother lol. But all in all, the graphics are awesome from the
    first one and they have really evolved. PS awesome driving through the

  2. that video was sick man I wish I my parents could afford it but I want you
    to cotenur on with the games and your my favite youtuber ever

  3. This video is so tuf I have always wanted the whole driver collection but
    im still working on it….but good driving but I would shujest brake a
    little more and when u drift just tap the buttons but great video man.

    this is a cool video and its a cool game

  4. As i am watching this i am wanting to get this game… this game has
    excellent graphics and excellent gameplay…keep doing what you do and do
    it best.

  5. Great video!, your driving skills are pretty good…, I’ve been thinking
    about getting this game but don’t have the money for it… 

  6. That game is AWESOME, the best in that game is that if you founded a car
    you liked i the road, just press the button and change to that car. that is

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