27 thoughts on “Doom: Post-Mortem (John Romero & Tom Hall at GDC 2011)

  1. For those of you who didn’t grow up with Doom. Care to know more about it?
    Well here you go! 😀

    #pc #classics #doom #fps 

  2. Happy Birthday, Doom! 20 years and still with an active community of gamers
    and modders. To think that I have junked the Win3.11 box I kept around only
    to play Doom2 was just a couple weeks ago…

  3. So if that gamebreaking major bug they mentioned at the end of Doom’s
    development went unnoticed, how would they even patch it knowing that there
    was no commercial internet? Re-release Doom?

  4. and change audio settings to PC Speaker. If you have actual PC-Speaker in
    your PC, that will be only better =). And get some old 15′ CRT monitor for
    MAXIMUM nostalgia!

  5. Man Carmack and Romero were geniuses and way ahead of their time. True
    innovators in game technology. Ken silverman and Notch are also great too.

  6. I don’t care what anyone says, Catacombs 3D was a fun as hell game. I used
    to play that on my uncles 486 back when I was a little kid all the time.

  7. Doom lovers – Highly recommend J-Doom, it’s a mod tool/program that allows
    you full 360 aiming like Quake and other cool tools. I’d completed Doom,
    Doom 2, Ultimate Doom and Master Levels so many times that I wanted a fresh
    take on it and J-Doom was perfect for that.

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