Dementium – The Ward (NDS) part 1

Points of reference: 00:29 – Chapter One: The Admittance 02:34 – Flashlight 03:12 – Nightstick and map 05:35 – Chapter Two: The Rooftop 06:30 – 9mm Handgun.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Dementium – The Ward (NDS) part 1

  1. Yo RaSan69 Ive beem watching your vids for a while now And I personaly
    think you should be getting WAY more then you do Hope you get big soon – X

  2. Ahhhh makes me remember when I played Dementium II xD GameStop’s sucha
    troll I can’t get ther first game,fff,Nice work :D!Really ^^ It’s fun to
    just watch <3

  3. OMG I got this as my first DS game and I loved t so much 😀 It’s a shame I
    sold my DS and the game.. It’s really good. :L

  4. no i meant to physically play without low framerate. with newest version,
    though, got it running perfectly with Softrasterizer in 3d Settings and
    selecting OpenGL in the Display Method, also unchecking Advanced Bus-Level
    and checking Dynamic Recompiler (useful for anybody else with low fps/low
    spec systems) also i can record no problem with Fraps. thanks for the
    video, your editing is amazing! imma do a commentated walkthrough for my
    channel, but nowhere near as well done as yours. TY bro!

  5. Thanks for your comment! I’m actually pretty happy at where I am now,
    thanks to people like you 🙂 Have a nice day

  6. Graphics are pretty good to be a DS game. Was searching ”best graphics
    game for DS” and found this in a forum. Looks scary too.

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