'Dark Souls II' Graphics And Lighting Downgrade Sparks Controversy

'Dark Souls II' Graphics And Lighting Downgrade Sparks Controversy
NeoGaf has some side-by-side screenshots as well, though there's no way they can both be PS3 as the very top image shows an Xbox “B” button, meaning it's quite likely we're looking at PC footage of the game next to the PS3 version. You can see those …
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The first 'Minecraft' skin pack DLC on PS3 features 'Uncharted's' Nathan Drake
4J Studios recently revealed their plans to release the first skin pack DLC for Minecraft: PS3 Edition which will let fans play the sandbox creation game as a variety of characters from Sony-exclusive franchises. Giving players their first in-game look …
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REVIEW: The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS3)
Topping many of 2013′s “Best Of” lists, “The Last of Us” proved that there was still something worthwhile to drag out of the “let's shoot zombies in videogames” trend. This action adventure game put the focus on quiet, personal moments between the …
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'Minecraft' continues to dominate digital sales on the PS3
Since its initial release last December, Minecraft: PS3 Edition has managed to top sales on the Playstation Network. Continuing the trend, the official Playstation Blog released a sales chart on March 10 which verified that the PS3 version of the …
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