CryEngine – GDC 2014 Showcase Trailer [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

Remember to select 720p or 1080p HD◅◅ CRYENGINE is an advanced game development solution with scalable computation and graphic technologies, effectively m…

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50 thoughts on “CryEngine – GDC 2014 Showcase Trailer [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

    Developed by German game developer Crytek. This engine has created one of
    my favorite games series, Crysis. It also is being used in a game I am
    excited for, Evolve.


  2. it does not depends on the engine. but the modeler. the last of us looks
    very good because of it’s ultra high poly characters. otherwise, DOF,
    assets, effects and some other stuffs looks the same.

  3. wow i just got done watching the ue4 demo and i think the new cryengine has
    it beat – but epic has a better platform strategy

  4. There’s so much competition in making great graphics but so of these stupid
    companies are still making shitty graphic games.

  5. Sonic boom is the only Cryengine game I’m looking forward to. Cryengine
    games are known for being gorgeous with mediocre gameplay.

  6. New Tom Clancy’s The Division trailer shows off next-gen technology,
    forest, and even night time gameplay in an open world apocalyptic New York

  7. COD4 of this gen if it looks as good as I think it can be, it could really
    revolutionize the gaming industry.

  8. Anyone else excited for this game? I am a huge fan of Ubisoft’s games,
    including Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs. I cannot wait to see more from
    The Division at E3 2014!

  9. At 1:50 it clearly shows an XB1 controller…but I just can’t believe that
    the XB1 is capable of this kind of graphical horsepower based upon anything
    I have seen yet.

  10. If this game will have a really long story line, i will freak out, and buy
    10 copies..And act like i’m new to this. I hope it will come out around in

  11. The engine looks DAMN sexy but the question is what will come out of it?
    Sure the Division is looking and shaping up good but what else will come
    behind it? Not trying to be a Susan Sourpuss here but….

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