Common Ps3 Problems

There are many common PS3 Problems–red light, yellow light, and green flashing lights all trouble Playstation 3 owners everyday. The interesting thing to know is that there are ways to fix these problems and not all ways cost much money, even though that’s what people will tell you.So let’s get started here by first talking about the problems then discussing how you can get them fixed.

If your PS3, falls in the last 2 categories, you will need some professional help for fixing them permanently. Nevertheless, if you are looking for help with PS3 problems you are likely already experiencing flashing lights, YLOD or a red screen. If you are positive that your system is outside the manufacturer’s warranty, where they will fix or replace it free, you can make several repairs yourself. Remember to be careful when opening the system up the first time.

Many people around the world have made life easier for themselves by using well written PS3 repair instructions to learn how to fix their own PS3 consoles. Alot of people are unaware that most PS3 errors and problems that occur can in fact be repaired by yourself at no cost! Unfortunately most PS3 gamers panic and take their console back to shop or if they did not pay for a warranty sent it to a technician only to pay hundreds of dollars to get it looked at and fixed.

With the internet getting more and more popular by the day, it is easy to find resources online. You can look through authority sites, online directories specific to gaming consoles, blogs, and forums. You can simply type in specific keywords using search engines such as Google, and you will get a list of relevant websites. You do not have to be an expert to know how to fix minor problems with your PS3.

Some players report that this started happening after playing a particular game. Once they ejected the disc, they said that they found the PS3 not loading games from then on. There has been a lot of speculation as to the cause and Sony is willing to repair the consoles if they are sent back for repair. Players are wondering if this is simply a case of the PS3 not reading games, or a bigger firmware issue. Either way a PS3 not reading disks is a major hassle for players as it renders the game useless.

If the screen is blank then you may have issues with your video settings. Make sure that the settings are correctly configured and match the type of TV you are using. Another way is to hold down the power button for approximately five seconds as this should restart the console in the original video settings.

It is a common problem among gamers and more often than not, such a problem could be fixed by simply checking on whether the cables are properly connected or not. You will sometimes encounter the blinking red lights issue on your PS3 and this can be resolved by ensuring that the cables are plugged in to the console properly. Sometimes, this problem could also be due to damaged cables so when this happens, you need to replace them.

First you should carefully take out the hard drive disk from your PS3 which should be full of dust. Reset it and then place it back in. Then you should check if your power cable is still working. This is easy to do, just replace your computers power cable with the PS3 one. If your computer boots up properly, put back your pc cable in the pc and the PS3 cable in the PS3. Once done, turn your PS3 and everything should be working.

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