50 thoughts on “Cliff Bleszinski: The Road Ahead gdc conference

  1. Two words, FEAR 2. Fear 2 did it all, back in it’s day. Oh and they didn’t
    highlite scins or anything, it was amazing out of the box. No need to
    spend, oh hundreds of dollars on a game to injoy it, ESP in this economy,
    where things tax us alot anyways..

  2. lol wile he was talking about the multi tasking thing im listening to him
    and doing some 3d modeling im like wait a second lol.

  3. @gamin4lif3 Any? I’d much rather have a film, game or book which has been
    edited than a huuuge version with all the worst parts left in. Granted,
    sometimes you can lose some good parts through editing, but generally, too
    much can be a bad thing.

  4. He’s a douche now always bragging or talking shit about other games. He
    even trys to tell the japanese how to make games lol. Fking numbnut need to
    realize they were making games before he was even born.

  5. the pc shit on them epic gets all its money on the xbox 360 now gears did
    shit on the pc so did unreal 3 so epic just shits on the pc

  6. I like it. He seems to really care about the industry and the people in it,
    but he also seems to UNDERSTAND the industry and how to make it work in the
    world we have.

  7. Its been awhile since I have seen Cliff speak and not just in an interview.
    Love the mans style and “soft skills” some of the best in the industry, He
    said alot of insightful things that could be applied to other industries as

  8. he seems kinda disillusioned or fucked up. I didn’t like his game because
    its stop rounds I don’t like that concept.

  9. When he said “people never write to us saying “we won this game too much” ”
    he was completely wrong. If a game gives a cheap win, it’s not a good game.
    You must ‘earn’ the win, otherwise it’s not satisfying. If a game is too
    easy, it can get slammed for it in reviews (look at the reviews of the new
    assassins creed game, it was slammed for being ‘too easy’). Why else would
    people like games like dark souls? Because it is a challenge. If something
    isn’t a challenge it isn’t a good game.

  10. Hm… I wonder. Civilization on “Reality difficulty” where you get
    disasters and none of the number fudging Sid explained. OR Just try Dwarf
    Fortress I guess.

  11. the point probably was that the barbarians somehow managed to sink the
    battleship, rather than the battleship being able to shoot at a land target.

  12. I wish!! 1991 – Playing Civilization. Attack Militia on plains with Veteran
    Battleship. Battleship Loses!! RAZZAFRAZZAFRAZZA!!

  13. @L00pyL0u : I certainly don’t disagree with that point – preventive
    programs, medical and social are always underfunded. I still think that the
    psychological components to game design are very important and that it
    indeed does have a significant cultural/social impact. The worth of paying
    entertainers and pro sport athletes is another debate entirely – and yes, I
    also think it’s ridiculous. As for being condescending, I apologize – it
    was not my intention (I still disagree w/ ur pt of vu). 😛

  14. 2010 sid okay we take into account results of previous battles… 2012
    firaxis releases xcom misses 4 60% shots somehow i feel worse about it now
    after seeing this then when it happened in game

  15. Simple probability. There was a chance of you losing. Let’s say you had a
    90% of winning. There is a 10% of them winning. You can say you “Rolled”
    bad or maybe they just “Rolled” well. Think about critical hits in other
    games, usual range is i don’t know say 3%-15% pretty low but over many
    attacks you know eventually you will hit that range this would be the
    inverse. Sorry if that wasn’t clear i can try to explain it differently if
    you ask me again. I believe he covered this.

  16. The reason why people expect to win, save and reload, is because that is
    the only available path to victory. Defeat is not incentivised; it is never
    designed as a path to victory. Path A is where I win the battle Path B is
    where I lose, but the veteran survivors add experience and heal another
    unit as they are reformed into them. Now losing becomes a part of winning.
    Sure I lost my best unit even though I had a 3:1 odds. But now my second
    best swordsman is even more powerful than the first!

  17. @L00pyL0u: Psychology is relevant to all things human – it’s about how
    people perceive events, and how they deal with them. A video game would
    have a huge psychological componenet, because it’s about the immersion of a
    gamer into a world designers have created. For this immersion to be
    successful, you need to understand how people will perceive the experience.
    FYI, video games are not trivial – they are an increasing part of our daily
    lives, changing how ppl think of entertainment in general.

  18. You may be correct there, but that isn’t really Sid’s or any other game
    designer’s fault. I genuinely believe every good game designer does his
    work because he has dreams and visions and has the determination to make
    them happen. But, it is a massive investment, finances and time-wise. When
    you invest, you want revenue. You can’t afford to be generous, or you ruin
    your own life in this society. An amazing genius dream game you create is
    pretty pointless if it doesn’t pay your rent.

  19. I like the new system in Civ5 because it is VERY clear about what your
    chances of winning are and explains why (which I imagine would help newbies
    learn the combat bonuses and such), but the AI was terrible. It would
    always make stupid combat/movement decisions. Has the AI gotten any better

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