Lose Weight With a Nintendo Wii

For years, losing weight has not been something that most people enjoy. It’s been a lot of hard work, coupled with dedication that were required to lose weight. With the advance of technology, those days are long behind us, thanks to the Nintendo Wii. In the old days, video games were a lazy person’s way to be entertained. You sat on the couch and pushed buttons to play the game. With the Nintendo Wii, those games are a thing of the past. Is it really possible to actually lose weight with the Nintendo Wii console?

Many people are using the Nintendo Wii console as a means to lose weight. Why does it work so well? The most basic reason that it works is because you’re moving throughout the game. The controller senses your motion and replicates that motion on the television. This means that if you want your character to perform a motion on the screen, you’re going to have to do it also.

The reason that this works is because it is entertaining. With the Nintendo Wii, you’re turning weight loss into a game. Games are entertaining and you’ll find yourself having fun and burning calories at the same time. The old way to exercise was putting on your jogging shoes and hitting the treadmill or running outside. Now you can play any number of entertaining games that don’t even allow you to think about the exercise involved.

The Nintendo Wii even has a system called the Wii Fit, that you can purchase to go along with it. It comes with a balance board that you stand on for most of the games. It keeps track of all of your movements while you’re on it. This allows you to do any number of exercises while standing on it. Each exercise usually has some sort of score involved, so that you can continually track your progress. Many people are very competitive and if you are competing against someone else’s score or your own, it makes it more fun. This will allow you to forget about the sweat that you’re breaking and just play a game. In the process, you’re going to be losing weight and having fun.

The Wii Fit game for the Nintendo Wii console even has a personal trainer that you can utilize for your training needs. They will help you every step of the way and even demonstrate the exercises for you. If you’ve ever wanted your very own personal trainer, this might be your best chance to get one. You can even pick if you want a male or a female trainer.

Another great way that Nintendo Wii will help you lose weight is it tracks everything for you. With the Wii Fit balance board, it actually keeps track of your weight for you. You enter in your height and your sex and it calculates if you are overweight or not. You set a goal to lose so many pounds and the Wii keeps you on track. This is technology at its best. It turns losing weight into a fun game for everyone. Grab a Nintendo Wii console today and start shedding those pounds the easy way.

A Nintendo Wii Console is an exciting and fun way to lose weight.

Nintendo Wii Fitness Bundle Kit

The most exciting way to attain physical fitness, the Nintendo Wii fitness kit combines physical exercise with an exciting gaming experience. The fitness bundle is actually a combined package of the path breaking Nintendo Wii gaming console and some pressure sensing equipment to control the console. Hence, one can easily attain high personal physical fitness goal with just a little ‘play’ each day!

The Wii fitness bundle comes with the fitness console, the balance board; Wii fit yoga mat, the Wii ski game and a few others. There are a few varieties of this bundle available in the market, each offering some extra hardware or extra games along with the standard equipment.

Nintendo calls it the ‘active play’ phenomenon. Consisting of a balance board, which is pressure sensitive, it facilitates fitness activities like muscle stretching, yoga, aerobics and a few other games.

The main intention of these activities is to provide you a ‘core’ workout, which is a sought after method that stresses on slow and controlled movements.

To add to its utility it has some cool feature set that includes a body test, and a balance test. The body test is something that could be done on a daily basis with the Wii balance board. Here, the balance board fitment is used to measure the body mass index (BMI), the center of balance and body control. One can compare the results with family and friends, maintain a record – saving previous results and chart the daily progress. Hence, not only can one stay fit, but also keep an eye on the fitness figures called the Wii fit age, similar to the brain age.

One has to create a Wii character and enter data like height and build. The Wii calculates the weight (through the balance board) and furnishes a BMI and also prompts you to set weight loss goals and helps you achieve it.
Center of balance, an important concept in the field of health, is also taken care of by the Wii. It is actually the point between the right and the left sides of the body, when you are standing straight. If your body is not balanced, it is naturally compensated. However, this compensation causes a lot of distress on the posture of the body causing uneven strain on the bodies. Wii fit, not only lets you know more about your body balance, but also gives you valuable tips on how to improve it.

The Wii provides you with around 40 activities/exercises aimed at improving fitness and body balance, under training modes like balance games, yoga, strength and aerobics.

In addition, if you do not want to go through the hassle f inserting the Wii fit disk each time, the Wii has a solution for that too. With Wii channels, you can have your body test even when you are in the middle of some other game.
Hence, the Wii Fit is a perfect companion for spending a quality time with family and friend.

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