Way to Program Wii Wireless Controller

The common parlance has it that where there is Wii, there is gold standard and wonderous fun and where there is wonderful Wii, there is Wii wireless controller larger than life on the strength of great innovation. Admittedly, against the backdrop of sweeping high-tech ear, advanced and newfangled Wii peripherals, Wii wireless controller in particular, have hit the market making a splash and gained immense popularity all over the world.

You know, the Nintendo Wii is a popular gaming console that features Wii wireless controllers and motion enhance games. You can program up to four controllers to work with the console, allowing for multiplayer gaming. New controllers or controllers that have lost their sync may have to be programmed to properly work with the Wii. Follow a few quick steps to sync your Wii remote and get to playing.


1.Turn on the Wii gaming console.

2.Open the small door (panel) on the console when you see the health and Safety screen. The panel is located underneath the disk slot. Press and hold the small red button labeled “Sync” located inside for 15 seconds. This will clear all syncs currently programmed on the Wii.

3.Remove the back panel of the Wii remote to expose the battery compartment. Press the small red button located inside the compartment underneath the batteries. Place the back panel onto the remote. The blue lights located on the front of the remote will blink.

4.Press and release the small red button labeled “Sync” on the front of the Wii console.

5.Observe one blue lit square and three non-blinking squares on the front of the Wii remote. The Wii wireless controller is programmed.

6.Repeat steps to program additional Wii wireless controllers.

By the way, since the Wii remote controller is Bluetooth-enabled, you can use it as a mouse if you configure your computer the correctly. It may require some time and finesse to get it working, but it’s a fun way to play PC game.  you must install a special application called GlovePIE designed to help your computer use different kinds of input devices.  Connect and install your Bluetooth dongle if you are using a desktop computer. Most laptops are already Bluetooth-enabled.

Well, if you have jumped on the bandwagon for opting for wonderful Wii wireless controller and revelling in wonderous Wii fun, such as the Wii wireless guitar fun , bear in mind the above mentioned points and take them into practice if necessary.  All the more hope you have good buy and great fun!

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