Ps3 Console – It Was Only Disappointed, But Then Excited

As presented on the PS3 Console Gamescom was then published the first pictures I must say I was very disappointed.

But then yesterday at the Gamescom I could make my own picture and must say that I have to take everything back and am just thrilled by the console. Sure you can not compare it visually with the 60GB version, because this is still the best, but I like the new Slim also very good and above all, it is no longer as sensitive to scratches and dust!

Even if it was on the Gamescom very loud, you could exercise in contrast to the old version is no noisy fan … Also, the heat seemed much less ….

All the other benefits I do not need to call more like not at cost of current, etc.

I have now ordered a slim even though I have the good old 60GB version ….

PS3 Console – Well

I’ve seen the PS3 Console Slim on the Gamescom and must say you do not look bad!
The matt surface, although not as visually exquisite as the old models but for the Slim is not as susceptible to scratching. I’ve got my PS3 Console shipped 40GB only a few times gently and regularly clean with a soft cloth, the surface has been and still can not have many scratches my PS3 Console look so elegant!

The PS3 Console Slim is a very handy and practical format that I am very pleased, and if it is true that the new audio formats is happening and is much quieter then I’m going to buy guaranteed by the new Slim!

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