Needed Accessories For Playstation Move

There are many accessories coming along with a new version of motion controlled video game. Most of them are meaningless and only waste your time and money, however, there are a few things that will be worthy. This article will show you the way to figure out the right additon of accessories for your Playstation Move by comparing them to the Wii accessories coming out for a long time.


The biggest thing to consider is whether or not you’re going to get any use out of the accessory once the novelty wears off.  Things like a bow and arrow or table tennis attachment is going to be used with a single game, and once you’re tired of that game, those accessories are just going to sit around and collect dust.  This has happened over and over with many of the Wii accessories that came out for Sports Resort and Wii Music.  They seem neat at first, but eventually they just become a waste of money.


On the other hand, some very simple accessories that are along those same lines can make a huge improvement in the gameplay.  Take the steering wheel that came with Mario Kart for Wii.  There are going to be accessories like this for Move, and are going to make a big difference.  So how do you spot the difference?  It’s tough, but you have to imaging yourself playing the game, and if you can naturally see yourself using that frequently, or with more than one game, it’s going to be a good move.


One type of accessory that’s always going to be useful is the battery charger.  Your Wand and Navigation controller are going to use the same USB charger that you’re Dual Shock controller does, and when you only have two USB ports on the front of your PS3, something isn’t getting charged!  Having something else that can help you keep your batteries juiced is extremely helpful.


The most basic thing that you have to think when shopping for PlayStation Move accessories is whether or not the money is better spent on games.  If you can get a game that you really want to play with the same money, do it, the accessories can wait!


Geoff Willis is an avid PlayStation fan. His site, Move Games List helps people figure out which Playstation Move Accessories, games, and bundles they really need, and how to save money on them.

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