Ps3 Repair Guide ? How To Fix Your Ps3 With A Repairing Guide

There were a number of problems with the Xbox 360 when it was launched, like its three red light errors and a few others, which showed up mainly because the console was rushed, to compete with the PS3. Even the PS3 console came with a number of issues, like the flashing red light, the HDMI error or the blinking issues. Hardware failure was also an issue with the PS3. If you have a problem with your PS3, you don’t necessarily need to send it to be repaired. With the help of a PS3 repair guide you might be able to fix it yourself.

You can always use the longer route, sending the console to Sony, so their technicians can take a look at it and repair it, but you will be without it for a long period of time. In some cases, it can take up to two months getting a PS3 repaired, and in the end you might get it back in a worse state.

You can spend quite a bit of money on fees and costs for repairs, but you can keep that money if you fix it yourself. The problem isn’t with the cost of the parts; it’s with the cost of the technician’s time. The parts are actually quite cheap compared with the labor cost.

If the warranty has ran out, or it’s void, the console can be sent to a local technician to repair it. The problem is that most of these local technicians aren’t specialized in fixing PS3 consoles, so they will take a long time to repair it. In plenty of cases, they will say that they need to make an order for the parts that you need, so it will end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Online, you can find information and a PS3 repair guide, which will tell you how to fix most problems that are encountered with PS3’s, like remote problems, Blu Ray failures, freezing graphics, HDMI issues or the PS3 red light error.

These PS3 repair guides are quite easy to understand in most cases, and you will stop spending money on sending your PS3 to a specialist to be repaired. Instead, you will simply follow some instructions that are well explained, with step by step solutions, which will fix whatever problems your console might have.

Using a PS3 repair guide will allow you to save money and time, so you don’t stay without your consoles for weeks, while it’s being repaired.

PS3 Repair guide – Learn how to fix your PS3 with a complete guide and step-by-step videos. Read also the article on how to repair PS3 and why you need a PS3 repairing guide.

Ps3 Consoles – Sony Ps3 Slim Puts Sony Back In The Game!

I originally wrote a review on the 60 gb PS3 right after it launched in November, 2006. Like the original 60 gb the new PS3 Consoles slim 120 gb is almost as good once you get past its few flaws. The new Playstation 3 has the same specifications as the previous model, but it’s 32% smaller, 36% lighter and 33% more energy-efficient than the regular PS3 Consoles. It sports a slightly different look and the touch buttons are now replaced with real buttons. I have to say the PS3 Consoles is one amazing system. One of the most welcome features is the PS3 Consoles Slims ability to bit stream both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

As for the games we are finally starting to see the true potential of this amazing system. You get an amazing blu-ray player that is future proof thanks to the system being able to receive firmware updates via the web. If you have a 1080p HDTV you will be amazed at the picture quality which is up to six times more detailed than DVD. You also get theater quality sound and picture that DVD, cable, satellite HD, and even apple TV just can’t touch because of their bandwidth limitations. If you have standard DVDs the PS3 Consoles upscales them to 1080p which brings all your DVDs to life. Don’t expect blu-ray quality from watching DVDs, but do expect them to look much better and sharper because they are being upscaled to look better on your HDTV. I like the fact that the system has online connectivity and that it also has a built in browser should you just want to surf the internet.

Most of all I like the fact that you get built in wi-fi. if you all ready have internet access you just have to set this up with your wi-fi router, or if your lucky enough you might be able to pick up free wi-fi if you don’t have internet access. You can download your favorite music/videos to the PS3 Consoles hard drive and if available online it will display the artist names and songs. You can even connect a USB keyboard (along with almost any type of USB device) to make surfing the internet faster and more enjoyable. With the recently launched Playstation Store you can play demos, download classic PS1 and PS2 (and some new PS3 Consoles games) games, get wallpapers, and watch blu-ray and new movie trailers. With the new virtual world Home you can create a virtual character and explore the virtual world.

If your friends have a PS3 Consoles you can meet them in home and Play virtual Pool, bowling, or invite them in to a PS3 Consoles game to play with you. You can rent movies (some in HD) from an always growing catalog and purchase many of them. The things that this new PS3 Consoles Consoles lacks from the original 60 gb model is SACD support, it only has 2 USB vs. the 4 on the original. The top left part of this PS3 Consoles doesn’t open up like the old one because this one lacks the memory card slots. The good thing is that this PS3 Consoles is so much quieter and takes up less space than my original 60 gb because it uses a smaller chip which now makes it use less electricity. That was my biggest annoyance with the original PS3 Consoles was that it got a bit loud sometimes when watching movies or playing games which I felt a bit distracting. This new model is as quit as a mouse.

With video chat, internet access, digital photo viewing, and digital audio and video the PS3 Consoles will likely be your home entertainment centerpiece. I have to say I am very happy with giving the PS3 Consoles a chance and I highly recommend it for anyone who appreciates a great game system with some awesome entertainment features. With the new PS3 Consoles slim and a long overdue price cut SONY is back in the game, and with new games like Uncharted 2 and may other exclusives this is going to be the start of the new Playstation revolution. This system may be lacking some of the original PS3 Consoles 60 gb features, but it is still one awesome entertainment powerhouse that I highly recommend!

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