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Are you ready to move? Well Sony has finally released their brand new system called the Playstation Move. It is a motion controller that is similar to the Nintendo Wii, but they say that it is way better when it comes to functionality.

Nintendo set a base for motion controllers, but Sony has taken it to another level. This new controller is used in conjunction with the eye camera, this is their webcam which until now has been used for video chats and stuff like that. The Eye tracks the movement of the controller to make it more precise as opposed to playing without the camera.

So the Playstation Eye is not a requirement for the controller, but you might as well get one if you want your game to be as accurate as possible. There is a bulb on the top of it, that changes colors. It can actually do the color changes in real time too. Overall it looks very solid and it does have a few buttons on the front of it.

There is also an extra controller you can get that works with the main one. It is what you would call the Nunchuck for this new system. It has a pad and some buttons on it too. This will also be wireless, so you do not have to worry about any wires.

The reaction speed from the time you press the button, and the time the action occurs on the screen is just as fast as the dual shock control. Sony has introduced the Playstation Move at a very affordable price, which is under one hundred dollars for the bundle. This includes the remote, the Eye and an additional game. The controller itself you can get for about fifty dollars or less. The extra navigation unit is available for about thirty dollars separately.

Many games are being released each day that are now compatible with the Sony Playstation Move.

The game that actually comes with the bundle is one of the most popular ones right now, it is called Sports Champions. You get to compete in over six different sporting disciplines, with athletes from all over the world.


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