Bungie’s Destiny Panel – GDC 2013

Bungie reveals its process behind building new worlds and bringing them to life. Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – http://www.youtube.com/gamespo…

The game almost didn’t have Chell, GlaDOS or portals. Seriously. See the revealing interview during GDC as the peeps that created Portal 2 explain what their…

50 thoughts on “Bungie’s Destiny Panel – GDC 2013

  1. what if i told you that destiny will entertain you for about a day or so
    and then youll go right back to playing call of duty or halo? now nowhere
    can it be said that i ever stated such a comment, but hey, food for thought

  2. I guess Staten really got upset over the fact that Bungie would not put
    giant Killer Frogs and Tigerman into Destiny. Seriously though I have no
    Idea why he would leave. This game looks like you’re playing art and you
    know the game mechanics are going to be great. I can see Destiny being a
    big time hit !! and a championship franchise if they do it right. Oh
    well,to each it’s own.

  3. Destiny Concept presentation from GDC 2013. They share a little bit of
    information on the huge amount of work that goes into shaping a game even
    before it is playable. 

  4. A couple months old, but I am watching it tonight for the first time.

    I am pretty excited about Destiny, and I will probably get the PSIV

  5. *Designing principles for building a new persistent world : Bungie’s
    Destiny Panel – GameDeveloperConference 2013*

    I love this developer panel, the design principles and the concept art
    mixing Sicfy and Fantasy.

    14:10 “As a *world builder* your job is not to answer all the questions.
    Hell you’re crazy if you think you could even identify all the questions.
    Your job, as a world builder, is first and foremost to make your audience
    curious, to give them just enough informations and details so they can
    begin to fill your world *with their own imagination*. Because guess what,
    9 times out of 10 their answers are way better than yours.
    *It’s the same as painting, when you brush every little detail it’s not as
    good as if you leave some vague…*”

    As I listen to this I realized that’s it’s probably why I love Concept Arts
    so much in video games art books. Not only concept artists are the first to
    give birth to a vision of a new world but they often leave enough vague for
    their colleagues to imagine, think or build with.
    I love the concept art they presented and the “tangling” between nature and
    technology, Scify and Fantasy, futurists and mythic elements.

    I won’t even mention the world editor at 28:49 which gave me another
    nerdgasm oO

    I have no idea how good Destiny will be (especially as it will be released
    on Console first) but I find the design principles presented very
    convincing at the exception of the fourth one “where you become a legend”
    (I’m so tired of being another countless hero, I simply would like a be an
    explorer/pioneer/colon of a new world).
    Oh well, even if the game sucks I’ll have the art books to imagine with 🙂

    PS: While listening, if you close your eyes you could think being in a
    cathedral or church (similar sound echo when they speak). Creating other
    worlds is like playing god in a way. No idea why so few people are excited
    by such endeavor, it’s the ultimate RPG 🙂

    Bungie’s Destiny Panel – GDC 2013

    #videogames #MMO

  6. Their intention is to make this a consuming game. I get the feeling that
    they want to create a game that makes people go “Whoa, hey, I haven’t
    played Destiny today. Need to get some playtime in!”

  7. Probably not :(. They are supporting the game, that is constantly changing
    and adding the games over ten years which is awesome

  8. Yeah!

    Mostly talk about:
    – What to keep / cut from Portal 1
    – How to create an emotional connection with the new characters
    – Playtests results
    – Single player vs Coop
    – The End: “the perfect mix between totally awesome and completely stupid”
    – 20 min of Q&A

    Also: footage of an alternate intro!

  9. Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek discuss the making of Portal 2 and some of
    the changes made along the way.

    Portal 2 – Post Mortem (GDC)

  10. Another connection to Greek mythology is that when you die a wheat field is
    the path to your afterlife and you travel there with your best friend. So,
    Chell could have died when she came to those first four turrets in the
    elevator, then delivered to the field with her best friend, the companion

  11. No one got that was Chell in the testing? It was so obvious! And if you get
    that straight away it’s so poignant because that’s the first time she
    speaks… and it’s to give Wheatley his comeuppance, not GLaDOS, who was
    always seen as worse and was the first person to be so cruel to you. Love
    Portal 2’s ending but it’s a shame that didn’t stick…

  12. You’re dumb for to reasons:Its spelt Dumb not Dum. 2:Portal 3 would be not
    wanted without chell, and therfore start as the corn field is a fake.

  13. The 2 games that got the most awards that year were Portal 2 and Arkham
    City. Skyrim didn’t compete. They clearly did better than they thought.

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