25 thoughts on “Best Games for the 3DS – Picks from VideoGamer.com

  1. Thanks so much for this video!
    I’ve been thinking about buying a 3DS, and wanted to see if the price tag
    was worth it for the games. Which I decided it is! haha 🙂 thanks

  2. What’s better for a newcomer A link between worlds or Ocarina of Time? I
    only played Twilight princess and i lose interest at the water temple.

  3. As promised, Matt & Miller run you through the best games available for the
    Nintendo 3DS. Reckon we’ve missed out something vital? Let us know.

  4. Don’t forget M2’s amazing SEGA 3D classics ports too. MegaDrive games that
    are beautifully re-layered to make gorgeous 3D, as well as a brilliantly
    thought out “CRT” ratio to produce a classic TV effect on the screen when
    you don’t want the 3D. Add to this a great transition to the 3DS control
    pad, and these may just be the best versions of those classic games.

  5. I love how their pushing the 3DS and acting like the Wii U is gonna be
    discontinued, when the 3DS was in the same boat not too long ago. When
    things get promoted, they sell.

  6. I just CANNOT seem to get the 3D viewing angle to not cause issues whenever
    I play any 3DS game and it just puts me right off the system. The slightest
    movement and it just goes into double vision. That’s just NOT a satisfying
    product experience imo.

    I’d maybe get a 2DS and avoid any issue with the 3D altogether but then
    that just feels like I’m losing something because I know in the back of my
    mind that I really should be able to play all of the games in 3D and that
    when it does the work the effect is actually pretty cool.

    Whatever version of the 3DS/2DS I just can’t be at peace with it because of
    how fiddly that frikin 3D screen is. It’s so annoying. To me it is actually
    a major flaw in the design the way it currently works and I’m actually a
    little disappointed that a company like Nintendo decided the screen,
    specifically the totally limited viewing angle that you lose with the
    tiniest bit of movement (usually even just pressing a few buttons for me),
    was good enough when I personally really don’t think it’s up to scratch at

    Such a shame really because there’s a lot of games I’d love to play
    properly on the system.

  7. If I recall correctly, so of the other fighting games like Dead or Alive
    Dimensions and tekken were pretty solid as well so a casual fighting fan
    may enjoy those games too

  8. Know it won’t be for everyone but Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is another 3DS
    game I would recommend and it was my favourite game on the handheld until A
    Link Between Worlds came out, which is also my game of the year so kudos to
    Simon with his choice! 

  9. LOL Matt when you said fuck them both get a 3ds automatically made me
    subscribe to your channel, love the candid conversation. I was on the fence
    between getting another xbox 360 or a hand held but you guys have convinced
    me to the 3ds. You guys are awesome. 

  10. Im about to buy a 3ds XL thanks for the video i’ll be using it as a
    refrence for my first games i get with the console.

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