25 thoughts on “Battlefield Hardline Walkthrough Gameplay Part 18 – Penthouse – Campaign Mission 9 (PS4)

  1. KHAI: Say, “Relax, Khai. It’s gonna work”
    Nick: “There is no spoon.”


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


  2. Oh so many people. So many people who have nothing better to do than
    watching videos they don’t like, and trash talking it. A damn shame really.
    You know you could be doing something productive guys.

  3. You’re probably not uploading bloodborne because you suck at it and can’t
    progress. No worries though, the second boss that is immediatly after the
    first one will kill your ass before you can even yell “fuck!”

  4. Welcome to the 301 Club.We have cookies and cake,oh well ,we had.But don’t
    worry,my friends are gonna get a lot of cake now

  5. Lol of course brad is milking views if he had uploaded 20-30 minute parts,
    this walkthrough wouldve been finished by now.
    But instead he makes short uploads, so he gets more money talk about being
    an asshole

  6. I like the RadBrad for 3 reasons, 1: he loves his fans. 2: he loves his
    games. 3: he is pretty slow at games but he gets them done, with nice

  7. Hey Brad… Awsome video!

    But is it just mé or is there Like a Sound of a text message??

    Or is it just mé? 

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