Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix

So you were happily playing your Xbox 360 and you’ve now run into the dreaded “ring of death”. You become angry as you can’t seem to fix this by doing the normal reactionary methods such as rebooting the thing. More time passes and the red ring of death now seems to be staying put. You can’t play your favorite games and you are now wondering what to do…

Lets face the facts…to Xbox gamers, this is a serious problem. Not only has there been a lot of money put into this thing but now you cant even play it?! So it aint so! But it happens. So what do you do about it, you ask?

What Is the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death?

This is the awful hardware problem that, as the name implies, affects the Xbox 360 console. The light on the front of the console suddenly starts to display 3 red flashing lights. The fourth upper right part of the console does not flash and the whole console simply stops working. Now, this is such a problem because it is a patent problem with the hardware within the Xbox 360 itself. This means that there is no way of fixing it with a download or patch, as you might have looked for one. Microsoft repair will fix it for $ 140 if you send it back to them. It is not entirely clear why this happens. Some think that it has something to do with the soldering or something or other, but that makes no nevermind to you if you cant play it. There are 2 things you can do about it, basically:

1. You can send it back to Microsoft as mentioned previously. You will pay $ 140 and you will wait 6-8 weeks for the return of your Xbox 360 unit. Needless to say that this is not a popular choice.

2. You can fix it yourself. That’s right! If you dont care to shell out $ 140 large, or wait 2 months to get it back, then this is your ONLY option. This entails being willing and able to open up the console and tinker with it. Of course, this option can void any warranties so you’ll have to decide if its worth it to you. If you are handy at electronics, then it should be no problem. If not, then that leads me to a 3rd option:

3. You can throw it away and buy a new one. Yea, I thought you wouldnt like that. Thats why I wasnt going to mention it. This is best and least effort option but who wants to pay for something twice that you already bought once? But if you have the money, go for it.

How To Prevent Red Rings of Death

Heat is the bane of the Xbox 360. So here are a few things you can do to help prevent getting those rings of death:

1. You will want to keep plenty of airflow around it. That means no sticking it in an enclosure like an entertainment system or wall unit.
2. Do not place it on the carpet, or a towel, and run it. The carpet absorbs heat and prevents the device from venting.
3. Periodically blow out any dust build-up inside the unit.
4. Try to keep it cool or in a cool place as you run the system as much as possible.

Use good maintenance techniques like these and consult the users manual and you should be able to keep your Xbox 360 in the green.

For those of you who are electronically handy and dont have the money to be buying another Xbox 360 then I have come across 3 great guides that can show you how to fix the red ring of death. Click Here for more info==> Xbox Red Ring of Death

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