Making a Good Conference Speech

For many the very thought of speaking in public can send shivers through their bones, and cause a cold sweat to form instantly. For those with careers that demand the odd conference speech now and again this can cause some difficulties.  However, with a little creative flare, some humour and a lot of preparation any one can make a killer conference speech.

As with any business project or task the drawing board should always start with planning. Take time to dissect and analysis what it is your being asked to do. What is the conference for? What have you been asked to talk on? Why have YOU been asked to speak? These are all questions that once answered will help you formulate some initial ideas and content for your speech.

Your next step should be to take your initial ideas and break them down. This will help you understand every aspect of your speech and uncover any valuable points, details and information that at first glance you may have over looked. Another benefit of breaking down your content is that you will become more and more familiar with it, building knowledge and confidence towards it. It is often those that rush this initial part that end up in a mess come the day they need to give their speech.

Once you have the basic content of your speech and you’re confident that you understand it you can start to add the X-Factor. By this I mean the aspects of your speech that will make you stand out and leave your audience engaged, inspired, entertained and wanting to here more. For this you should really let your creative side shine through. Use your skills and talents to your advantage. This may include using film, music, images to illustrate points that you are making. Make references, references to popular culture always help to create relationships between your audience and your content. Be humorous, a good joke at the start will relax both yourself and your audience, making the rest of your speech far easier to get through.

On the day there are various preparations you can make to ensure that your conference speech runs smoothly and successfully. Depending on the formality of the event, wear clothes that are comfortable and allow you to stand at ease. Being comfortable is half the battle won, when it comes to public speaking. Do not go over and over your speech, the information will already be retained, over thinking things can cause anxiety and this is far more likely to make you stumble and forget. Find a moment to clear your head, go outside, get some fresh air, and be alone to gather your thoughts. Finally make sure you have a glass of water at hand, the most common symptom of nerves is a dry mouth, and this can be devastating when trying to make a speech.

Public speaking need not be the bane of your career. The key to success is in your preparation. By taking the time to approach your speech in an organised and well planned manner, you will set yourself up for success.

Peter Grant has been apart of the financial advice industry in Edinburgh for over 10 years. He often speaks at  conference venues in edinburgh. In his spare time he enjoys sharing his experiences and advice by writing articles online.

Xbox 360 Rings of Death

The phrase Xbox 360 rings of death has gotten very popular. It is fairly self-explanatory. Unfortunately, however, the dilemma that is left behind is not so simple. For those who are not exactly sure if they are suffering from the Xbox 360 rings of death, here is a short description of exactly what that means…

The Xbox 360 rings of death are when the three red lights on the front of your console repeatedly flash. Basically, your console will not be working properly at this point. The nagging, taunting red lights are the only signs of life for your poor machine. Unfortunately, when struck by the Xbox 360 rings of death, you will have to interrupt your Call of Duty battle to get this problem solved.

Microsoft offers anywhere from a one to three year warranty on their boxes. Unfortunately, like the ‘check your engine’ light on your car, they seem to time it perfectly for when the warranty has just ended. The Xbox 360 rings of death can be repaired. It’s simply a matter of time and money.

Whether Microsoft covers the Xbox 360 rings of death in its warranty or not, you are responsible to pay for shipping. It is not cheap, even if you send it via ground or five day delivery. If you are still under warranty, there is still no guarantee about how long it will take, either. The average for Microsoft is usually a minimum of 3-4 weeks in order to fix the Xbox 360 rings of death.

Luckily, this being the 21st century, we have some very valuable, inexpensive and convenient resources for our most perilous problems like the Xbox 360 rings of death. Thanks to our good friend, the world wide web, you can simply type in a few words, click a few buttons and be on your way to fixing your Xbox 360 rings of death in under an hour.

In fact, when you weigh the difference in time and money spent to fix your Xbox 360 rings of death, you will realize that the cost to get a repair guide will save you in shipping costs to Microsoft alone, not to mention the other fees associated. You will also spare yourself the grueling weeks of waiting. Nobody gets a 360 without wanting to have it ready to play at their disposal. So take advantage of it; beat the system, and fix the Xbox 360 rings of death yourself.

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