Several Conference Facilities

Conference is very essential to do as the alternative of meeting at the office. It will be the right answer for conducting the meeting if the office is not in proper condition. In addition, conference calling can involve a lot of participants so that you don’t have to be busy looking for a big place to accommodate them.

However, if you want to conduct a conference meeting, it will be better for you to use a service from a professional. It facilitates you to get all what you require so that your conference will work without a hitch. For this case, there are some things which you have to consider before you decide to hire conference facilities or room for meetings.  

If you want to call a meeting, it will be better to consider the room size so that all of the participants will be accommodated in that room. Use room with adequate space so that it is not getting too cramped which can possibly cause the attendance uncomfortable. On the other hand, hiring a room with too large space is neither effective. It can create an effect of unprofessional. In addition, this kind of environment is not good for your participants to utter their ideas.

For those reasons, you have to check the participants who will attend the meeting. It can help you decide how large the space you hire will be. Yet, if you plan to conduct an open meeting, it will be difficult for you to decide. In this case, you need to make a rough estimation so that you can decide the right one.

Another facility you have to consider to make all day meeting is the caterings. It is important to supply their energy for that all day meeting. You can firstly ask the venue whether it has on site catering. However, it does not provide this kind of service, you can ask for an opinion which company to call for delivery.

In addition, location is another reasonable thing you have to consider. It is a critical issue especially for the participants who come from a far. If most of the participants are flying in, it will be better to hire the room close to the airport. In addition, if most of the participants are taking bus, it will be ideal to hire close to the bus station. On the other hand, if most of the participants come by car, you can consider the venue with a wide parking lot. Therefore, it will be better to visit the venue you plan to hire to make sure all the facilities before making a decision.

On the other hand, if you plan to conduct a conference with a few people, phone conferencing can also work well. There are some companies which offer you this kind of service. You can choose affordable conference calls. Some also offer you flat rate conference callings so that it is more affordable and efficient.

How to plan a conference


Planning a conference can sometimes take a good number of months as there are hundreds of things that both you and your company will need to think about. The initial stages of the planning process are likely to be taken up with meetings to decide exactly what route you would you would like the aim of your conference to be, as this will lay the groundwork for everything else. 
In your first meeting you should call together all of the members of the committee to discuss your options. It can be a good idea to brainstorm ideas that will help you to make a solid decision that everyone agrees on. For example, you need to decide what kind of audience your conference will be for, whether it will be an invite-only, ticketed or free event and what you would like the outcome to be. 
Once you have ascertained what the theme and aim of your conference is (for example, it might be an educational conference with workshops, or you could decide to hold an internal conference for your entire company) you should decide on a budget for your conference. If you will need to seek funding from some other body or company you should set about doing this as soon as possible so as to be awarded the funding in time for your conference. 
At this point it can be a good idea to begin thinking about the speakers, workshops and other events you would like to include in your conference’s programme. If you have people in mind make sure that you contact them early on to give them notice of your interest, and keep them up-to-date with any changes to the programme so that they can adapt their presentation or workshop accordingly. 
Now you should find a venue for your conference – make sure that it is in a central location and that it will be large enough to contain the estimated number of people that will be attending. You will often find that hotels have large conference venues that you can book for a number of days, and this also has the added advantage of providing accommodation for anyone that will be attending. 
After this has been sorted out it is time to turn your attention to your marketing and PR plan so that you can advertise your conference. You should contact large companies within your industry to let them know of your conference and also invite certain well-known figures within the field. 


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