25 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough: Sequence 4 – Part 2 [HD] (X360, PS3)

  1. I find the music during this mission very creepy with the whispers I almost
    get the feeling that it’s meant to be people praying.

  2. woah, lucrezia beating up caterina is so different from the guard kicking
    leonardo in the first game, it looks a lot more painful…

  3. brotherhood and revalations are 15hrs singleplayer gameplay ac3 is around
    30-35 ac 1 is roughly 27 ac2 is around 30 so ac3 would be the longest, but
    this is all asssumeing that your just doing main memorys, and passing them
    on the first try :0 hope this jhelps

  4. Wow. Chesare and Lucrezia have an incestuous relationship. This is Lucrezia
    the Younger i presume… even then, weren’t they cousins?

  5. In this game yes, but the real Lucrecia had nothing to do with this one.
    She just wanted to get married and have a normal life but her father and
    her brother wouldn´t let her. She never forgot her brother when he killed
    her second husband. Katherina Sforza was not sensitive woman, in the war
    agains Cesar he took two of her sons like hostages and she told him that he
    could kill them because she already had too many children This is just a

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