23 thoughts on “AMD Eyefinity 5×1 Display at Game Developers Conference 2012

  1. MY GOD! If I buy and crossfire two 7970 and get a new processor plus 5
    1080p screens. I get a unfair advantage over opponents on FPS games…

  2. first of all look at who published your card, and then sort it out with
    them, second it could be a faulty card, go to your retailer and get it
    checked out. Blaming solely AMD is like blaming the government for your
    teacher fucking up.

  3. If someone lays down the cash that’s needed to get this running I would
    damn well hope they got an advantage. I don’t really see it as being unfair.

  4. I have never been able to experience this 🙁 but I have watched video’s
    like this and I was wondering, do the side screens really stretch like
    that? The screens don’t look right. Is that normal? If so, why? Oh and if
    you want to give me all that stuff so I could experience that, i’d greatly
    appreciate it.

  5. I’m an eyefinity user (Triple screens), I can tell you… Yes the screens
    do stretch that like that. It’s known as the “fish eye” effect. However,
    when you’re in a game it’s really not a problem. RTS games like Supreme
    commander are especially awesome in Eyefinity. You essentially have a view
    of half the Battlefield! Also if you wan’t that tech… You will need to
    get a job. It’s not cheap, especially with the need to have a high-end PC
    to push those framerates across all those monitors.

  6. hi, could you be more detailled about Asus eyefinity 6 card. At home, my
    eyefinity6 works perfectly. Ok, it’s not a 5x1P but a 3×2.
    tinyurl(.)com/labete111 i use this comment to thank you again for your
    precious details to make this possible in my home 🙂

  7. Yea im sure there are people who dont have the issue, however theres also
    ALOT that do have this issue so somethings not right… check my recent
    video for when i add a screen how much the card changes

  8. Which card are you using? As far as I know, there is no official Eyefinity
    6 card (in which I’m still using the 5870 Eyefinity 6 to run my 5 30″
    monitors and need an upgrade.) ASUS and MSI have made custom cards, but
    each has drawbacks (ASUS: Heat Issues and MSI: The DVI ports are single
    link, both of them) I need 6 miniDP.

  9. WOW this is from 9 MONTHS AGO ???? get a life lol got nothing better to do
    but read really old comments lol…….just FYI. IT was AMD , took back to
    retailer who changed it 5 times all same issue, got a gtx 680 NEVER got 1
    issue since. trust me mate i spoke to ASUS managers in Australia about the
    issue… dont talk about shit you dont know. Cheers and stop reading
    comments almost a year old and get a life lol………….

  10. Hey AMD how about you sort the DRIVERS for your 7970 cards 3 months still
    not working….. If you do buy one like i did you can only have 1 screen
    plugged in if you use 12.2/3/4 drivers…. cause it will blue screen
    windows after a few hours of being idle….( google it) also makes the GPU
    temp go up by 10c just having a extra screen plugged in. Will make a video
    on YouTube to show this later… register to channel to check the other
    7970 videos AMD i might take my 7970 back to get a 680..

  11. No problem with my 7970 and 3 displays in Eyefinity. Using v8.95.5 (Cat
    12.4 Beta) drivers. Worked with earlier drivers as well. Must be something
    on your end.

  12. That’s great? but how about some good monitors that have no borders? I hate
    playing with bars in my view..and level 10 case?! yuck!

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