Acekard 3 3ds Mod Chip / Flash Card

The very first flash cartridge that is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS is the Acekard 3 3DS. It is able 3DS Mod Chipsto play the DS roms as well ashomebrew game for the DSi and of course, run the games for the 3DS. However, it is a fact that it simply serves like a modified version of the earlier Acekard 2i that has a firmware compatible with the Nintendo 3DS, with the packaging as well a newly-designed logo. With regard to compatibility concerns, there is nothing new with the AK3 DS. It would also be difficult to say which among the two is more effective, although the latter is backed by a strong development team which can surely be destined to succeed.

Website: www.AceKard

copy roms to 3DS

Acekard 3 3DS There will surely be that possibility that the players would get to see much more game roms that are set to be released for the 3DS in the near future. However, what cannot be foreseen is if the latest adapter kit for the flash card will have any improvements as compared to what is currently being offered.

But players may still see changes in order to get the 3DS homebrewed, like the custom firmware. It can also be seen when the 3DS roms will be played from the card slot of the SD. If you are really interested with getting to play all the games in DS, 3DS Homebrew that you like, then you can rely on the Acekard 3.

Copy NDS / 3DS ROMs to microSD card -> Put the card into Flash Card Adapter -> PLAY!


* It is the very first commercial flash kit compatible with the Nintendo 3DS all over the world.
* It is backward compatible with the DS Lite, the original NDS, as well as with the Nintendo DSi which even includes a slot-2 functionality for the DS-Lite as well as the NDS
* It is compatible with the microSD as well as the MicroSDHC which can be updated so that it would work on microSDXC cards that have a capacity of about 32GB+.
* It is 100% compatible with the NDS ROM and it supports 3DS rom as well
* It allows full download for the DS
* File management is already built-in
* The graphic user interface looks good and it can be customized as well.
* It has support for cheat codes and even for Soft-Reset and provides a walkthrough for the 3DS.

Acekard 3DS


* There is no other available color for it except black
* It still lack certain features and does not have support for the 3DSWare
* There is still the possibility that the update for 3DS firmware would lockout those who use AceKard.

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