25 thoughts on “3DS Officially Hacked! Plays Homebrew Games and Applications! How to do it Yourself…

  1. € is Euro, not Pounds. Pounds looks like £.
    I’m not being a picky fag, just letting you know for future reference. 

  2. When you go to the Get Ninjhax part on the site it only supports Japan and
    European regions does anyone know if America will added as well.

  3. Lol i can get this game for 20 bucks xD,should i get it now because i know
    that the price wont go up,my country is well…we still dont have Smash
    Bros 4 3ds in stocks at all it didnt even come out here.Soo should i get it
    and i dont wanna spend money on something that may get patched and plus i
    have no reason of using homebrew.

  4. Ubisoft probably was on it the whole time. The game’s called Cubic NINJA!
    Cube representing data, and You can guess the Ninja Part ;P

  5. Omg, Wow. I was at Gamestop getting ORAS and Smash a few days ago and
    checked out what i call the crappy section of the 3ds games and remember
    picking up this very game :P

  6. yo etika,you’re based as fuck and overall a fucking god,but for fuck’s sake
    the music in these videos is way too loud and i can’t hear a single word
    you nigga is sayin’
    cheers,and keep up being the realest 

  7. I think that he’ll be able to get homebrew to work with any game that uses
    the QR code feature, which means ORAS could maybe become a victim to this

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