3ds Cards Which Support Nintendo 3ds

The report is their findings here. Several manufacturers have already announced their cards will be playable on the 3DS console. The technology to update the firmware of the R4i card is not available because it would drastically increase the cost of the card. Therefore, for an updatable card alternatives we could recommend include the Acekard 2i and M3i Zero at this time. R4i 3DS from n-3dscards.com is the first R4i 3ds cards
support Nintendo 3DS, Released on 2011.3.2.It is compatible with all Nintendo consoles, such as 3DS,DSi,DsiLL,DsiXL,DS and DS lite.New R4i 3DS cards are the advanced version of R4i Gold V1.4.1, it is a perfect solution for Nintendo. Since the announcement of Nintendos new 3DS console, there has been a lot of talk as to whether or not DS / DSi cards will be compatible on the 3DS. After speaking to several official manufacturers and many suppliers/shops, These manufacturers include the R4i team, as well as Acekard, M3i Zero, EZFlash, and so on. It appears at this time that most cards will be available to play without issues. However, note that just as with the 1.4.1 firmware update, the R4i card in particular relies on using cheap components (it is usually one of the cheapest / budget cards available on the market) and therefore will work, but only if a new R4i is bought.
If you want to choose a flashcard to enjoy games and medias easily and comfortablely, the R4i 3DS card is most optional. Anyway, the excuse for the hilarious (ahem) jokes above is that a new R4 card has been developed and now released for the 3DS the snappily titled R4i-SDHC 3DS Card. Peter has already reported that an R4 card has been filmed working on the 3DS, but this new one promises a little more. It apparently works on all versions of the normal DS, and existing data and programmes from previous versions of the card can be carried over. Ther4i 3ds
Card (I really love that name) is advertised as a way into the inner workings of the 3DS, however. You know, its always confused me why the R4 carts are abbreviated thus then I realised that I was missing something very obvious. R4, R x 4; RRRR. Say it out loud as one word, go on rrrr. You sound like a pirate, dont you? And what sort of illegal activity is associated with these things? Exactly. Or perhaps its the four rs reading, writing, arithmetic, and piracy. What? Arithmetic doesnt start with an r either, so leave me alone. The iffily translated press release suggests that home-made 3D movies could now be possible: Gamers all know that the 3DS console has three cameras, with two in the front. Not only that the 3DS console can play 3D games, it also opens up a possibility for gamers to make their own 3D movies! Making your own 3D movie and uploading the 3D movie to youtube may not be a distant possibility.
The possibility will only become true with the help from gamers all around the world, i.e. via homebrew development. Just in case youre thinking of buying one of these things, its worth remembering that (a) theyre officially illegal in some areas of the world (including the UK), and (b) Nintendo have already threatened to brick 3DS systems that they detect are running software they dont like the looks of. R4i 3DS card is different from R4i Gold in encrypiton part. The chips included in this R4i 3DS card is MX23J4GC0-75H(48Pin) and 25L4001(8Pin). The hardware structure of R4i 3DS is almost the same as that of the nintendo 3ds card
. N-3dscards.com technical team has removed the standing out part of R4i 3DS and inserted the R4i 3DS core into a NDSi. Well, the DSi console shows no cart inserted! This means R4i 3DS cards encrypiton part is different from that of R4i Gold card. Ominously, it then goes on to say: That will in turn require gamers to be able to run and execute the applications in 3DS mode. Flashcart would be able to open up the Pandora box of the 3DS console. The implication of course goes beyond the grey area of homebrew games and applications, and into the realm of fully illegal reverse engineering of software.
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Therefore, for an updatable card alternatives we could recommend include the Acekard 2i and M3i Zero at this time. R4i 3DS from n-3dscards.com is the first R4i 3DS Cards support Nintendo 3DS

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