3DSみんなのポケモンスクランブルあいことば オンバット

3DSみんなのポケモンスクランブルのあいことば 「イチバン オンバット」の攻略情報を紹介する動画です。 動画の中では、みんなのポケモンスク…
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Here is our comparison of the New Nintendo 3DS Vs Nintendo 3DS XL. More Info on New Nintendo 3DS XL/LL: http://amzn.to/1xPnJRj More information on the Original 3DS XL: http://amzn.to/12gq6DS.

25 thoughts on “3DSみんなのポケモンスクランブルあいことば オンバット

  1. If I were to trade in my 3DS XL for the New one, how would all my stuff get
    transferred? Games, purchases, accounts, etc. 

  2. 10 reasons why the old 3DS XL owns the “New” 3DS XL-
    -You won’t care as much if you drop it.
    -It isn’t glossy (glossy is pussy)
    -It has bigger L and R bottuns
    -It has a bigger stylus
    -Its bigger, so people with bigger hands would find it more easy to hold.
    -It’s fingerprint proof (only for red,blue and pink)
    -Comes in Pink (Pink is gangsta)
    -Its cheaper now
    -It has way more sales
    -And its just better

  3. Are they gonna quit making games for the old 3DSXL? because I just got mine
    for Christmas so I am not buying the new one.

  4. Another thing regarding the new 3ds xl’s screen is that it has a much
    better contrast ratio (much darker blacks). The old 3ds xl looks a bit
    washed out compared to the new screen.

  5. Damn. Just three days ago I got the NES gamestop edition. Now this one is
    coming out. I think ill just keep my 3DS XL and buy this one if it has to
    come down to it. I will not sell my 3DS cause I sold my NES GBA SP back in
    the day and I regret it. 

  6. I got the normal 3DS, and because my eye sught is worsening that I need a
    bigger screen. Now since it will hit the UK in spring/summer that I am
    tempted to buy the new one because why get the old one right? I dunno since
    I am a person who refuses to upgrade till I need to, I went from classic DS
    (that old thing) to 3DS for Pokemon X/Y. I’ll have to think and see what I
    can afford then. 

  7. While I’m considering upgrading to this, here’s the only 1 deal breaker to
    me so far: There is clearly a model color known as “Metallic Blue” in other
    countries, yet there is only “New Red” and “New Black” here in the
    pre-orders for it in my Gamestop here in America. So… WHY IS THE BLUE
    having a “New Blue” model, huh? Unless there’s a blue model for me to
    choose from, at least later down the line, count me out. I know color
    shouldn’t matter, but to me, size doesn’t matter, colored buttons don’t
    matter, face plates don’t matter, but the system having a option of blue
    does. Nintendo, only limiting a country to 2 colors and giving Americans
    red or black only… to me, you done f*cked up.

  8. Should I get the new one or stick with the old xl? I would buy the bundle
    with animal crossing new leaf and the only other game I would get is
    probably super Mario 3d land. But do you think theres gonna be new games
    that only make it available with the New 3ds?

  9. Really need help guys, havnt bought a D’s in forever but really want smash
    bros/pokemon omega ruby…should I buy the
    1. 2ds
    2. 3dsxl
    3. Or save for the new 3dsxl

  10. Man, Idk what to do. I missed owning a 3DS so I bought a red XL last night
    unopened from someone for 150. I am FOR SURE getting the New one when it
    drops in North America, mostly for the better 3D. Question is. I have
    someone willing to buy back the 3ds XL for 150 (I still haven’t opened it).
    Do I sell it and wait for the new one, which has no NA release date? :/ or
    do I keep this one for now so I can play 3DS stuff and try selling it for
    at least 100 when the new one is out?


  11. im upgrading from a DS Lite..which should i get? i dont care much for the
    Cstick, i just want a good product that’s affordable.

  12. Ok so I just bought mine for christmas so.. is it worth it to buy a new 3ds
    xl only 2 months after I just got a 3ds xl? Plz reply (Note I don’t ever
    really use my 3d)

  13. This system is crap!
    You have just slight performance improvememnts, but many drawbacks like the
    glossy surface, the sd card slot and the most rediculous thing the missing
    wlan slider on the system.

    Only reason to by this thing is for exclusive titels, not the system

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