Ronaldo Affectionate Farewell Conference

The evening of February 14 Ronaldo with the Football Shirt with his two sons to the Corinthians club located in the Corinthians to the training field and teammates goodbye after Ronaldo appeared in the conference site, officially announced his retirement news. In the conference, Ronaldo can not help falling tears. Ronaldo said his decision to retire, said the torture he had suffered injuries, but these have not let him cry, his strong restrain their emotions in an attempt to the best stance to face the media, and hundreds of millions of the attention of his fans. But it is the fans that word Ronaldo touched the hearts of the most vulnerable part. “I want to thank my family, thank all the people who criticized me, for in my life who helped me grow, to thank all my fans in Brazil, they bless me, I cried with me, crying, “Ronaldo thanked the owner, and then choked voice said,” and the Brazilian fans, I especially want to thank the fans of Corinthians (voice began to choked), because I have never seen such passion, such a enthusiastic fans with football shirts.”

Ronaldo with the Premier League Shirts has been difficult to control the mood, he cries, the sound is no longer stable. When the lens is pointed at his face, his eyes the tears are so marked. Ronaldo finished twitching almost incoherent words during the following: “I want to thank the club president; I would like to not help the team into the Copa Libertadores with my club football shirts, said a public apology. I want to say is my President Brother, I’m here a really good experience; it is amazing, I will continue to move forward, and has been linked with the club. in the future you will often see me at the scene to refuel the Corinthians. “

Although Ronaldo is the fuse of retirement to lead the team he has not reached the South American Libertadores Cup with his club soccer jersey, but Ronaldo did not tell any one injury and Corinthians Corinthians fans say. Ronaldo at the press conference began by saying: “I made many lifetime friends, and I do not remember setting an enemy.” Love to the depths of man named Ronaldo clank also falling tears, maybe it all melted into the color is too sad, but that feeling is how real – because love you too, football! Lover’s tears flow for you but – because love you too, Ronaldo! Ronaldo with the Man U Kits was officially announced through the press conference the decision to retire. A few hours later, the Brazilian national team coach Mano – Menezes personal website published by Ronaldo with the Man U Shirts caused by an open letter deploring Ronnie make retirement decisions.

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