Xbox 360 Error E 74 Fix

Do you’ve got the Xbox 360 error E 74? Are you wondering how you can fix this problem? Can you even fix this problem? If you want to repair your console from the E74 error, you can do 2 things.

1. Send your console over to Microsoft, pay $ 150 or use your warranty.
2. Fix the Xbox 360 Error E 74 by yourself with the use of a repair guide.

Fix My Xbox 360 Error E 74 By Microsoft?

This option sounds very logical right? Microsoft has caused the E74 problem on your console, so they’ll fix it also. This is partly true, but Microsoft is a business, and a business needs to make money. So what did they came up with? If you got your warranty, the repair is free, if your warranty has been expired, it will cost you $ 150.

Also, there are waiting times attached to this. You will have to wait for 2-6 weeks, before you can get back playing on your Xbox 360. Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s high likely that the problem will come back.

Fix My Xbox 360 Error E 74 By Myself?

This is the most fastest and cheapest option that you’ve got. And it you want to have an easy option also, get yourself a repair guide. It’s highly recommended that if you want to fix the Xbox 360 Error E 74 by yourself, to use a repair guide. It gives step by step information that’s coming along with very detailed photo’s.

When you do the repair by yourself, you won’t have to pay $ 150. The only thing you need to spend money on is a repair guide. That’s only $ 14. See the difference? Also, you won’t have to wait for weeks. In fact, it’s high likely that you’ll be done within 1 day. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what the Xbox 360 Repair Guide will do for your console.

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