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The PS3 Console has definately proven we are in a new age of entertainment. The graphics alone on HD are worth the price. The game content and attention to detail is much improved & in my opinion better than what other consoles can offer. Some say it costs too much, but take into consideration that the PS3 Console is also a Blue Ray player and will upconvert standard dvd titles to 1080P. You get updates for your console via internet using a home PC w/ a disc or flash drive and may also use a Wi-Fi connection or just hook it directly to an ethernet cord. The process is very simple and FREE. I would also like to note that the PS3 Console Network and connection to the internet is completely free to use. Xbox charges for internet connection to they’re network.

You may purchase content from the PS3 Console Network and they also have a vast list of free items such as backgrounds and themes. The load times in games is much faster than other consoles that will ease the minds of the impatient. You may store MP3’s, Movies, Pictures as well as some other content on the console, so as you can see this is much, much more than just a gaming console and I believe that you will be more than happy with the multiple functions it provides for the price.

I do however rate this a 4.5 just for some minor issues.

To start the manuals that come with it are not very detailed at all which may be an issue for those new to newer technology. Some extra hardware you buy seperately are priced a little high such as an extra Dual Shock Controller ect. Also, it is not backward compatible anymore. They do not have them in production anymore so if someone has told you the 160GB is, it is not! You will either have to buy an older system that’s used from Gamestop or some other service to play the PS2 games. On the plus side PS2’s prices are at a all time low now.

It will play reg Playstation games for those of you who still own the clssics.
Do NOT fall for buying a 50$ -150$ HDMI cord claiming it is better. As long as it is 1.3 it will provide the exact same quality. I personally purchased one here on amazon with my order for 19 cents plus a couple dollars shipping. You will not find any cheaper.

High speed internet connection srongly advised for those of you wishing to update your system.

For online game play do NOT use sattelite Internet Providers such as Blue Sky. You will have extreme lag and it is virtually impossible to host your own game.

So, there you have it. Everything I can think of to consider. I say it is definately worth the money, and if you have kids it will keep them happy for a long time. I hope this has helped your decision.

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