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Wii is one of those things that have become a cultural phenomenon.

So much so, that obtaining Wii was, and even now still can be, difficult as demand seems to constantly exceed supply. In spite huge production hikes, Wii is still flying off the racks. Finding any Wii used to be problematic, let alone finding a best buy Wii.

Now the production of Wii seems to be keeping pace its demand as is available at many outlets and discounted units can be found in many outlets as stores slug it out for market share in the ever expanding Wii market place. One of the most popular stores to find Wii is, appropriately, at Best Buy.

Best Buy is a retailer that always has popular merchandise for the best price, and the consumer need not be concerned at having to deal over the Internet with the inherent difficulties of processing returns etc. Any problems can be addressed face to face and refunds and returns are processed straight away- if the need arises.

Naturally you can still get Wii from Best Buy via the Internet. This way, you have the ease of purchasing and also the reassurance of going to any best Buy store should you have to.

Buying a Wii console was more troublesome right after its launch as demand seriously outstripped supply. Wii was constantly in short supply- even through 2007 Nintendo made a huge 1.8 million units of Wii every month, production had to be increased in 2008 and the manufacturer increased Wii production to a staggering 2.4 million units a month.

Wii is a game console licensed Nintendo and is the successor of the Nintendo’s Game Cube. Wii has outranked both its competitors in each market as consumers have embraced the more appealing graphics, usability and excitement of the Wii game console.

Its two main competitors are Sony’s Play Station and Xbox 360 by Microsoft. Wii has been number one in the market from its release in late 2006.

Although the name ‘Wii’ was at first controversial, it has turned out to be one of the most popular and recognized trade names since its launch. During development and pre launch, Wii was known as ‘Revolution’ and a lot of of its top people wanted to keep this title. However it did not take long until the universal appeal of the all inclusive sounding name ‘Wii’ was recognized as the marketing power that it is.

Wii was built around Nintendo’s DS platform and influenced by Blue Ocean, a strategy book for business which has a six path framework for success: fun, graphics, physics, movie playing, and price. Nintendo introduced a seventh factor- a magic wand that is constituted in the remote controller. is a source for Wii on the cheap!

A Glance at the Best Nintendo 3DS Has to Offer

Nintendo’s latest creation, the 3DS, is a glasses-free personal gaming console that is hitting the gaming world in the spring of 2011. Titles are already creating quite a buzz, and reviews of the best available games are already available. Some of the titles include:

· Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

· Ridge Racer 3D

· Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

· Starfox 64 3D

· Steel Diver

· Puzzle Bobble 3D

· Pac-Man

· Mario Kart

· The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

· And many more!

Expected to be among the front runners in gaming releases this year, the 3DS will have to compete with other high end console releases. Sony and Microsoft are releasing their “Move” and “Kinect” technologies, respectively, and many gaming analysts believe that the 3D technology is only going to grow. Don’t be surprised if laptops, iPads, and cell phones soon utilize 3D screens to display their visuals. There is also competition in the European market, with EuroSport, another hand held 3D gaming system, releasing an array of sporting games as well. Even with such stiff competition, Nintendo has every right to feel quietly confident as everything from the strength and sturdiness of the system, through to the user interface and of course the 3D graphics and game play has been covered and attention to detail is astounding.

As the tech race heats up, cost efficient models will surface, and everyone will be enjoying the 3D revolution. Nintendo has positioned itself at the forefront of this race by ensuring that the 3DS meets expectations, has quality gaming titles, and offers useable applications. It’s important to reiterate that the 3D visuals are created without glasses, adding to the comfort and impressive nature of the hand held console.

Intrigue is abounding regarding Paper Mario, and many hope that Mario Kart delivers at the same standard that seems plausible given the technology. Pilot Wings Resort has taken up more of a Wii Sports feel, and fans of the title may have mixed feelings about the alterations.

Other exciting titles include Super Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil, and Metal Gear Solid. All of these games are delivered in beautiful 3D environments, which will assuredly excite fans across the globe. The broad targeting of the titles is something done on purpose by Sony as to not isolate any type of gamer, whether it’s the core gamers or the social gamers, the Nintendo 3DS has everyone in mind.

More titles are expected, including Zelda Ocarina, which should only add to the excitement, as we inch closer to the spring 2011 release of the Nintendo 3DS.

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